Hicron. VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker

The global economy is at a new point. That is why we are opening the next chapter in Hicron as well. We are bold and we look into the future, focusing on the opportunities it brings. The upcoming times will rely heavily on IT tools – we are aware of that and we are ready. Our new slogan: VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker shows our mobilization and proactive attitude.

Out of the box

How do we work at Hicron? Primarily – close to our clients’ needs. We do not limit ourselves to old, known solutions. Instead, we explore and analyse, discover strategic goals of companies, their requirements, and development directions.

Then we suggest solutions that let them achieve their intended goals. We reach for proven tools and exercise the best practices. If necessary, we are not shy about modifications or new custom solutions for the client. We always choose them very carefully, considering both the current and future benefits, chances, and costs. And this is exactly what the new Hicron’s slogan is saying.

Hicron means people

Our specialists are Hicron’s greatest assets. Bartek is Hicron. Paulina is Hicron. Paweł is Hicron. You and I create this company. Our new slogan personifies our organisation. Each of our consultants, developers or back-office employees can identify themselves with the idea that is embedded in it. It is the essence of Hicron’s philosophy. We are the architects of visions, but also their implementers. We do not limit ourselves to visions – our goal is to make them a reality and support them in the future.

We change „off” to “ON”

We turn on the changes. The name of the company includes the actively marked English preposition “ON”. It is time to use it in communication. “ON” makes you think of dynamic action and mobilisation. This message feels true for our company. It is integral not only with our name, but also with the company’s DNA – invisible, but manifesting itself clearly.


We are passionate, but not carefree. We are the makers, but we do not limit ourselves to just a few proven tools. Hicron is a combination of human emotions with experience, knowledge, and technological possibilities. We combine what is creative and what is practical, and unite what is visionary with what is measurable.


New Hicron’s slogan is not revolutionary. It is a result of our activities conducted for over a decade. It is an emphasis put on the commitment of our employees, on the wide scope of our services, on listening closely to the market’s demands and on looking at problems through a prism of solutions that are possible, but sometimes not even existing yet.
Michał Guzek
Michał Guzek
Hicron CEO

Hicron. VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker.

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