SAP SuccessFactors – HRM – we make visions a reality

SAP SuccessFactors – HRM – we make visions a reality
Solutions supported and implemented by Hicron are based on a well-thought-out vision, but they do not stop there. We are with our clients from the moment the idea emerges to its implementation and support. That is why we gather experience and improve our processes and tools. This time, let's see how it works on the example of SAP SuccessFactors - Human Resources Management system (HRM).

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What is SAP SuccessFactors? Let’s answer this question!

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite is a proven solution in a new version. The package is based on the leading HCM Success Factors SAP (Human Capital Management) cloud software. It is SuccessFactors online HR software, and its task is to ensure the appropriate experience of employees. The package will also work well in building commitment, allowing the company to achieve better results.

SAP SuccessFactors Human Resource Software is a way to change human capital management. It allows you to provide employees with opportunities that favor their development and achieving their own and organizational goals. Because in the key moments of the relationship with an employee, ensuring the highest quality of their experiences can bring benefits not only to the individual but also to the entire company. Thanks to solutions supporting building commitment, such as SAP Success Factors HRM Software, it becomes possible to take a holistic approach to the feedback process and to optimize the benefits offered.

Building a modern and diverse team is a determinant of a strong, prosperous company that follows current trends. SAP SuccessFactors HR system supports the implementation of this plan through global solutions supporting HR and payroll processes, work time registration, benefits administration, provision of HR services, and many other functionalities.

Is SuccessFactors an ERP system? No. Moreover, it’s not necessary to have an ERP system to use the capabilities of this HR software.

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What can SAP SuccessFactors HR Software System do then?

A wide range of supporting:

  • recruitment,
  • adaptation,
  • efficiency,
  • variable payment,
  • training (along with planning the consequences)
  • and development,

allow you to manage employees’ talents and think about the company’s future in advance. On the other hand, a thorough analysis of data collected as part of the implementation of all HR processes and personnel planning improves the company’s efficiency and results.

Thus, after determining the client’s needs, we adjust the solution that best meets his requirements:

When a company needs to carry out only a single process, such as employee evaluation, it can only implement the employee evaluation module, but if it wants to focus on the recruitment and onboarding stage, it can only choose such modules. A model that is often encountered on the SAP market is the so-called hybrids, i.e. a combination of hard HR processes, such as payrolls operating in the ERP system with soft HR related to employee development, onboarding, and training, which are implemented in the SuccessFactors HR Employee Management software. Using standard integration tools, data can exchange between systems.
Paulina Kopcińska
Paulina Kopcińska
SAP HCM / SF consultant at Hicron

As you can see, support for HR processes is a real impact on improving the company’s results. Work must bring satisfaction, and this should be planned by looking at the needs and skills of employees. This is where SAP SuccessFactors Human Resource Management Solution can help.

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