SAP HXM is a completely new approach to human capital management (HRMS). Build lasting relationships with your employees and improve their experience with the company!

Managing employee experience has become one of the most important tasks for HR departments. See which SAP tools will be the most helpful in this process:


SAP Successfactors

sap hxm

What is SAP HXM?

Human Experience Management HXM is a new way of employee management promoted by SAP. It involves integrating SAP Successfactors with the SAP HCM module in the cloud to use both solutions as effectively as possible to streamline HR processes and embed them in the context of Employee Experience.

These modules support, among others:

  • HR and payroll processes (Payroll)
  • talent analysis and management (Talent Management)
  • recruitment (SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting)
  • working time reporting (Time Management)
  • employee training and development planning (Corporate Learning Management System (LMS))
  • employee evaluation system (SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals)

However, it is also important to put each of these elements in the specific perspective of employee experience. In the approach promoted by Successfactors Human Experience Management, strategic company goals should be taken into account to the same degree as the needs of employees.

Easy-to-use tool that allows the company and its employees to achieve the best results

The solution also enables the collection of data at the interface of HR and business operations, building awareness of the connections between these two areas. Analyzing this information helps better predict changes (e.g. the need to hire more specialists in the face of new projects), respond to problems (e.g. employee dissatisfaction and the associated low efficiency), and set goals (e.g. balancing the workforce).

The data collected in the system can be used to increase the potential of employees and satisfy their needs, resulting in improved productivity.

Not just systemic evolution

Human Experience Management HXM is not only about betting on new technology, but also about changing your way of thinking, work organization, and values. Implementing the SAP Successfactors HXM suite is the first step in a process affecting the culture of the entire company. It is an evolution of the solutions existing in the company, which does not require complete abandonment of the previous methods, but only their further development. It can be performed at a sustainable pace, in accordance with the priorities set in the organization.

The SAP Successfactors HXM suite supports both employees and the entire organization.

sap hxm diagram

Contemporary challenges of HR departments

We can identify four main areas of HR that have changed rapidly in recent times:

  • Remote work and flexible working hours. After the Covid-19 pandemic, remote and hybrid work has become the standard expected by candidates. The same is true for flexible working hours, which are becoming increasingly more common. Specific tools are needed to allow both employees and employers to function comfortably and orderly in the new conditions.
  • Experience as one of the most important factors in business. Knowledge related to User Experiences and Customer Experiences is already being used in the design of applications, websites, or other marketing materials. From the perspective of the SAP Successfactors HXM suite, employee experience is important – a personalized approach focused on building a sense of meaning for their work, creating an atmosphere conducive to development, and achieving success through, among others, tools improving the performance of duties. It is also a method that promotes equality and inclusion, listening and responding to all employee needs.
  • Change of organizational structure. It is increasingly common that not all team members are permanently employed by the company. The help of external experts is often used, which requires the preparation of appropriate cooperation rules and tools to take full advantage of the potential of the entire superteam.
  • The need to hire qualified specialists. Companies are strongly affected by the shortage of skilled professionals in the market. They need to look for ways to attract the right people to their organization, but also to search within their teams for talented employees whose potential they could utilize.

happy employee

Benefits of the SAP Successfactors HXM suite

The SAP Successfactors HXM suite first and foremost allows you to see your employees and their potential. It puts them first and asks questions about possible work improvements. Thus, it gives them a sense of agency. Employees feel valued when their comments and opinions are taken into account by the organization. After their implementation, various tasks can be performed faster and more efficiently, resulting in better company performance.

Running in the cloud, the transformation to SAP HXM package not only speeds up work but most importantly enhances user comfort. It is fully scalable, open, and secure.

Bridging the gaps between expectations and reality

With the help of the SAP Successfactors HXM suite, you can gather information on the behavior and sentiment of employees and track their career paths. This data allows you to look at the employment process as a continuum, rather than separate stages (recruitment -> onboarding -> employment period -> resignation). On this basis, you can better understand the reasons and motivations that drive people, and then use them to create a better work environment.

The expectations of employees have changed, and they no longer just want to perform tasks and get paid. Elements such as a sense of satisfaction, purpose, and development as well as work-life balance have become important. They want to be able to make decisions and grow.

Creating an atmosphere conducive to engagement translates directly into results. Implementing the SAP Successfactors HXM suite is an investment that pays off.

What sets SAP HXM apart from the SAP HCM solution?

SAP HCM has evolved into SAP Human Experience Management HXM under the influence of continuous and dynamic changes taking place in business. It is an innovation that far surpasses the capabilities of its predecessor by shifting the center of gravity from administrative tasks, standard operations, and their automation toward the tasks performed by employees daily.

As a result, HR processes are based on and closely related to the work of other departments.

SAP Successfactors Human Experience is a response to the growing expectations of employees

Until now, companies have prioritized their business goals over the needs of their employees. Changes in the labor market caused by difficulties in finding talented specialists had an impact also on this area. The SAP HXM methodology treats them as equally important.

Enterprises are no longer focused on trying to persuade employees to pursue their strategic goals. Currently, we can rather talk about an attempt to reconcile their expectations and needs with the strategic plans of organizations.

sap hxm o-data, x-data

What are O-Data and X-Data?

O-Data is hard operational data, which can include information on concluded contracts, employee turnover, salary analysis, and reporting of working time. It enables the forecasting of further actions, but the picture it provides is incomplete. This data tells us how many employees resigned in a given year, but does not include the reasons for their resignation.

X-Data allows you to look at the issue from a different perspective. SAP HXM can record information about Employee Experience. This will help you identify the causes of a given event and help better understand employee motivation, thus allowing you to increase their efficiency and consequently improve business performance.

Company activity has an impact on employees, while their reactions have a direct bearing on how effectively the goals set by an organization are pursued.


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