SAP SuccessFactors: Employee Central. Time and attendance under control!

SAP SuccessFactors: Employee Central. Time and attendance under control!
SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central lets you automate the basic HR processes. It increases employees’ efficiency and HR managers, by giving them tools to quickly access the key information – even from a smartphone!

Easy access to what is important

SuccessFactors Employee Central gives employees an easy way to register their attendance and check their overtime. The module automatically calculates time and payment in accordance with rules assigned to each employee. It also lets you track important processes with proactive alerts and notifications.

Based on the working time registered by the employees, the system calculates the hours worked and determines the appropriate overtime based on the configured rules. Those rules are flexible, and always customized for a company.

All functions are presented on graphic dashboards. With them, you can report your time and attendance by an intuitive, single click.

Time and Attendance

With SAP SuccessFactors you can manage time and attendance in Time Management feature. It is one of the most important functions in the Employee Central module. It is intended for organizations that need in this area to exceed the borders of one country. Also for those that require a tool for tracking working time and calculating overtime.

With Employee Central, you can manage absences and accruals in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Managers can define the worktime of individual team members, manage schedules and overtime rules. They can also be up to date with employee vacation requests. Another advantage is the automatic integration of Time Management with Payroll, another Employee Central’s functionality.

Vacation planning is a pure pleasure

Time Off feature lets employees and managers to easily submit and accept vacation requests from both their mobile and PC. It applies to all kinds of absences: not only vacations but also sick leaves and maternity leaves.

Time Off feature changes the status of the employee on the base of the reported absence. It gives you the ability to create, edit, and define different kinds of absences. The module:

  • handles vacation requests with accuracy to half of work-day, hours, and even minutes;
  • speeds up the process of confirming requests by alerts;
  • creates reports on both individual and the entire team’s absences.

SuccessFactors Employee Central is a module that corresponds with Hicron’s foundation. It makes it easy to plan and to influence reality. This is a real-life implementation of the idea behind VisiOn Architect. SolutiOn Maker. Time and attendance management with SuccessFactors is a current, long-term response to the needs of a modern, global organization.

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