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Despite concerns that the progressing automation, computerization, and robotization will result in job cuts, the experience of entrepreneurs shows that it is not the scale of employment that is changing, but its structure. Demand for highly specialized employees is growing, but so are expectations.

Today, group non-salary benefits have become practically a standard, and the ability to work remotely is an indicator of modernity. The battle between recruiters is fierce, and more challenges lie ahead.

– It is the employees who make up an organization. Their competences, skills, commitment, values, and well-being build the company’s brand and success. That is why care, investing in development and job satisfaction are so important to them – says Magdalena Pancewicz from, an expert with many years of experience in the area of employee wellbeing – HR departments, employers, and employees are facing many challenges related to the geopolitical, economic, and social situation. In a rapidly changing reality, organizations and employees constantly have to adapt to new conditions. The key factor determining the future today is openness to change, acquiring new skills, and updating knowledge – a shared challenge for employees and employers – she emphasizes.

SAP HXM in response to market needs

The VUCA[1] World forces business to change enormously and requires flexibility also in terms of technology. You need to keep up to stay competitive. Transferring the HR area from HCM and integrating it with the SuccessFactors module in the cloud-based HXM environment helps achieve synergy. This is the next step in the development of SAP systems.

SAP HXM, or Human Experience Management, is a module that takes into account the entire work of an employee and focuses on building the most durable relationship with the company. From the moment a CV is sent to the last day at work. Not only hard data is collected, but also experiences – clues, motivation, and causes of events.

Entrepreneurs need to understand their employees better in order to effectively involve them in the company community, and react proactively to the first signs of dissatisfaction and declining commitment – says Tomasz Zubrzycki, SAP HXM Solution Architect – The solutions included in the SAP HXM offer provide support for the HR department and the company’s management both in understanding the prevailing sentiment among employees as well as the tools that help ensure appropriate care for employees, both in terms of administrative HR and payroll, as well as areas related to development.

Growing technological requirements

It is a completely new way of thinking about the functioning of ERP systems and HR philosophy – says Paulina Kopcińska, SAP HCM/HXM team leader at Hicron – The use of automation supported by artificial intelligence will enable those caring for employee development, among other things, to design individualized career paths and steer employee development in the direction desired by the company’s long-term strategy.

Advanced analytics, mobile accessibility from anywhere, innovative and intuitive user interface are just some of the tools to truly optimize processes. The functions expanding the operation of the HR area put the employee first, increasing their sense of efficiency and involvement in the life of the company.

Simple calculations

Cloud solutions are dominating the fourth industrial revolution. It is the new standard that companies are opting for not only in the area of HR process management support but at every company level.

– It simply pays off. More and more often companies are taking into account not only the simple comparison of the cost of a license versus a subscription, but also the time and cost of implementation, technical infrastructure, and solution maintenance. The last three factors significantly tip the scales in favor of the cloud – continues Tomasz Zubrzycki – In many cases the final decision to choose the cloud is also influenced by risk analyses taking into account consultant availability, data security, or regulatory compliance.

The future of HR in the clouds

– If an organization is committed to modern HR services, the transition to cloud systems is now a must. SAP SuccessFactors HXM offers much more advanced capabilities than those available in the traditional on-premise model. The cloud is now the new standard for both SAP HXM and the entire S/4HANA environment – concludes the SAP representative.

Currently, both models operate in parallel, but it is important to keep in mind that digital transformation has been underway for years and companies are still looking for ways to gain an advantage. Internal systems are growing day by day, and the amount of data is increasing at a dizzying pace. The longer the step towards modernity is postponed – the harder it will be to make, while the competition from the clouds – may already be reaching for the stars.

Rise with Hicron

We know from experience that the path to digital transformation can be complicated and full of dead ends. Therefore, when it comes to managing the most critical part of any organization – its people – it is necessary to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

At Hicron, we have almost 20 years of experience in digital transformation, and our team has implemented SAP SuccessFactors in both mid-sized companies and international organizations. In addition to the best practices suggested by SAP, we bring our years of business knowledge to every project. In this way, we not only prepare the technical layer, but also play an advisory role in improving internal processes. This is an added value that brings measurable results when implementing the cloud version of the SAP system.

Contact us and let’s create a map of your employees’ success together!

[1]VUCA – acronym, V – volatility, U – uncertainty, C – complexity, A – ambiguity


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