VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker: SAP System Application Service Support

Application Services Support takes care of the maintenance of your SAP System. It is not a folly, but rather a proof of reasonable calculation of profits and losses. Why? Because maintaining the system without experts’ support is ultimately more expensive. The cost of it is a fixed percentage of the purchased licenses.

There are two available options: Standard Support and Enterprise Support. The company decides every year which offer to choose. The variants differ in price and available services. If your business needs 24/7 support, it is logical to choose the Enterprise Support option.

Time is of great importance in SAP System application service support

When should you decide to support the system on a 24/5 or 24/7 basis? There are many such cases. First, such support is necessary for companies that work in more than one time zone. That way, a partner providing application support services can watch over both the processes taking place, for example, in Poland and Australia.

Secondly, 24/7 support is very important, when the company is working several shifts a day, even in one country. It is common in manufacturing companies. Companies which core business is carried out at different times than the organisation’s administrative working hours are in a similar situation. A factory can operate in one or two shifts, but its logistics activities or deliveries to the customers may be carried out at other times, for example at night. These are not standard operating hours for a company, yet they turn out to be crucial for its end customers.

Thirdly, it is the solution for companies that want to be sure the planned costs of maintenance will not grow in certain situations. Those can be, for example, breakdowns, or when additional consultancies are needed during the stocktaking.

The right choice of maintenance partner

Often the service partner is the same company, which implemented the system in the company. This is because after the implementation come new ideas to improve the processes. The partner has the necessary knowledge about the company’s systems, so they can use this experience to prepare additional functionalities.

Application Service Support is the biggest team in Hicron – here work over 90 specialists! Hicron offers clients three types of maintenance:

  • Application support – monitoring and proactive actions, such as services related to the development of the IT system, i.e. creating new functionalities, performing updates, and introducing changes in processes or technologies – depending on the client’s needs;
  • Remote administration – transfer of administrative activities to the partner, without building your own IT team;
  • Consulting and training services – provided by consultants with many years of experience who know the client’s system and who can propose upgrades that are beneficial for business.

As you can see, maintenance of SAP system provided by Hicron is based not only on the skills and experience of specialists but also on strong advisory skills and long-term thinking, in line with Hicron’s slogan: VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker.

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