HicrON-Time Strategy. Pandemic crisis management plan no. 2: Take care of the technology

An important part of every Hicron’s management plans is that they are not only helping your company go through the crisis. Most of all, their goal is to set it for a dynamic start after the pandemic is over, for the time of recovery and rebuilding. A good way to do that is to take care of the technology behind your enterprise: SAP systems and other IT solutions. Now it is the time to modernize, update and patch.

The pandemic crisis management plan focused on the technological foundation aims to prepare your company’s IT tools and ensure their most efficient performance – both today and in the future. What can you achieve with this plan? More information about the possibilities below.

Technical modernization

In the everyday work mode of the company, the maximum availability of SAP systems is a priority. This leaves very little room for software optimization, especially if it requires even a brief shutdown.

Today, however, many companies are dealing with a slowdown. It creates an opportunity to take care of the projects you had little time before. We are talking mainly about organizing the SAP technical environment, for example by updating:

  • operating systems
  • databases,
  • SAP kernel.

In this way, a modernized environment will not only have all the necessary patches and improved overall security. The fact that long-delayed updates improve the stability of the system is equally important. The effects of a technical update are visible both in everyday work with the software and when additional modifications and features are implemented.

Updates for business

Technical modernization is not the only thing that matters. Equally important are functional updates of the SAP system. The core here is to adapt the software to changing business processes taking place in your company.

SAP is constantly modifying and improving its products. Very often, for example, custom solutions are being implemented as standard functionality in the newer versions of the systems. The level of complexity of features offered by SAP is high, and therefore to conduct a functional update you need seasoned experts knowing all about these solutions. Understanding the business processes of your company is also needed. By combining these two competencies, you can carry out functional modernization that not only improves and facilitates the use of the system but at the same time makes it better to meet the company’s needs. That is not all – let us not forget about the fact that the functional update prepares the system for future implementation and modification.

Updating the business side of SAP systems requires complex modular, integration and regression tests. They are taking time but are important in ensuring the software smooth performance. In the everyday work of the company it is hard to find a good moment for performing tests, so that is why they should be conducted now. We cannot emphasize it enough: now it is the time to update SAP systems. This will not only improve software performance but will – above all – pay off with a better and more stable performance in the future.

System development

There are many ways in which SAP solutions can be improved, developed, or adapted to the company’s needs. One of our suggestions is to perform technical development projects. Possibilities range from installing SAP Enhancement Package that adds additional features, to migrating the whole system.

Performing the SAP archiving process is also a good idea. Archiving recovers space by minimalizing the data stored in the SAP system. Thanks to this, you can improve the efficiency and operational speed of the software. As a result, it works faster, and hence reduce infrastructure maintenance costs.

Flexible experts support

With HicrON-Time Strategy, you do not have to choose immediately, how you want to improve and update your SAP system. As experienced specialists in this field, we will offer you our advice and help you decide what course of action can prepare your software for the future. Then, we will carry out conducing any projects you choose.

The pandemic crisis management plan focused on technological foundation shows you how to use to the maximum the crisis time for improving and updating the company’s software. Modernized, secured and stable system will be easier to maintain, and what is more – during the time of the recovery after pandemic will make your enterprise ready for dynamic operation.

If you are interested in the solutions presented above, want to manage your company by focusing on technological updates or have additional questions, please contact us! Fill out the form below. Our experts will come back to you with the details of the offer!

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