Hicron DMS Cockpit

Simplify and accelerate document management in the SAP system using an innovative and user-friendly solution designed in SAP Fiori.
Hicron DMS Cockpit

Easier and faster document management thanks to Fiori technology 

Hicron DMS Cockpit is a solution that, after integration with the SAP system, allows easy and quick access to documents collected in various places of the SAP system (including the SAP PM, SAP RE-FX modules). It allows you to build a tree structure of all documents used in the company, indicating links to the place of their storage. 

This makes searching for documents and managing them (copying, sending, editing, adding, and more) easier and faster than ever before. Other helpful features include the intuitive interface built on the basis of SAP Fiori technology and the ability to personalize the view with access to the most frequently used structures. 

Thanks to Hicron DMS Cockpit, thousands of documents are stored in a transparent and exceptionally orderly manner. Reaching them is also very easy thanks to, among others, the extensive search function – by tags and defined criteria. 

Solution features

How can the tool improve documentation management in the SAP system? Learn about the capabilities of the solution:

  • access to all documents stored in the SAP system from the level of one application (browser, mobile device), also in SAP PM, RE-FX, SAP MM, and other modules 
  • visualization of documents according to the tree structure 
  • ability to personalize the view
  • document management: searching according to specified criteria, sending links to files, scanning, downloading, reading, filtering, copying, adding 
  • multi-page scanning and the ability to automatically add a scanned document to its destination in the SAP system
  • search criteria: by area, building, document type, document purpose, economic unit 
  • support for documents in various formats: graphic files, text files, PDF files, presentations, and others. 
  • rules for granting authorizations to documents in accordance with authorizations in the SAP system 

Solution benefits

introduction of file naming rules (as an element of the project)
immediate access to the requested document
easy access to documents
friendly SAP FIORI interface
access to electronic documents from one place
access to documents according to authorisations in the SAP system
lower costs of work with regard to searching for and managing documents

Why is it worth using Hicron tools? 

The tool allows you to enter the rules for naming documents (as a project element), which facilitates orientation.
DMS Cockpit provides instant access to the desired document.
The user-friendly and intuitive SAP Fiori interface provides easier access to documents and simplifies their management.
All electronic documents are available from one place thanks to the integration of the tool with the system.
The tool allows access to documents in accordance with the authorizations granted in the SAP system, ensuring data security.
Improved documentation management means lower costs – for example, by reducing the time needed to search for a given file.

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

girl in the car

Time & Material

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

Solution demo

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What is SAP DMS? SAP DMS is an SAP system module that improves management and optimizes the storage of company documents. It increases efficiency through better organization of business processes. It supports data security with access management options, security tools, and a digital signature function used for approvals. In addition, it speeds up work with simple search functionalities and makes sure the version you are editing is always up-to-date thanks to change tracking.
What is SAP document management? The SAP document management module speeds up document searching and allows them to be stored in an orderly manner. The Hicron solution designed by our consultants in SAP Fiori not only simplifies and optimizes the entire process, but also enhances user comfort with a friendly and transparent interface. It includes such features as view personalization, multi-page scanning, and document visualization using a tree structure.

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