HicrON-Time Strategy. Pandemic crisis management plan no. 3: optimize and improve

Over the last few weeks, entrepreneurs had a chance to verify if their companies are prepared for the crisis. The challenges of the new reality – like reorganizing work style, resource shortages or changing the way of communicating with customers and partners – have highlighted the areas of a business that might require improvements. For that very reason, the projects that allow you to increase the efficiency of your company have become the highest priority.

If you want to improve the performance of your company and wish to adapt to the new reality as fast as possible – then the HicrON-Time Strategy is an offer for you. This pandemic crisis management plan is focused on implementing the company’s development projects. To help you implement the new plan, we offer you the support of Hicron’s experts: SAP consultants and developers.

Step I: allocating resources

The pandemic has changed the work organization in companies. Hired specialists can very often be unavailable, and the access to subcontractors is limited. In such situations it is crucial to properly estimate the company’s resources. Make sure you have enough people to take care of the strategic projects, as well as of ensuring the continuity of the company.

What should you do when the company struggles because of staff shortages? HicrON-Time Strategy solves that problem. Thanks to the short-term, flexible contracts, you gain access to consultants and developers that are ready to support or take over your IT projects. Our experts can maintain your system, develop your application, take care of operational activities or business support. By choosing our offer, you can assign your employees to work over the projects that are strategic for the company, and at the same time ensure the continuity of your company and its processes.

Step II: identifying the necessary improvements

Because of the pandemic crisis, your cooperation with your business partners or offering services to your clients has changed significantly. Solutions that do not require direct, physical contact between people are crucial today. Luckily, you can choose many tools to aid you: from video-conferences applications, through complex software for remote support of individual processes (like after-sale maintenance or servicing), to multichannel applications for communication with partners and customers. Such IT projects are necessary today – but there is still much more to them.

Aside from allowing the company to operate effectively during the pandemic, the IT development projects also prepare the company for the upcoming economic slowdown. They optimize processes, which allows you to increase profitability. And this is undoubtedly a group of activities that are currently in the strategic goals of enterprises.

When searching for solutions that improve the company’s efficiency, it is wise to use help from the experts. Thanks to years of experience in the IT industry, Hicron can support you in choosing and adjusting the software to both your current and future needs.

Step III: optimizing IT systems

When the continuity of the company’s processes is ensured, it is time to think about optimizing the IT systems. Whether you are using dedicated applications or SAP system, regardless if they are on-premise or in the cloud, there are always some areas that could become more cost-effective while ensuring the same quality. The companies often do not utilize the full potential of the functionalities their systems offer – because are not aware of them or because the features are not turned on. You can also improve your company’s performance by automating and robotizing processes in various areas, like HR, productions, or logistics.

Optimization projects seem small, but they result in significant benefits – and that is only one of the reasons they are particularly valuable for entrepreneurs today. It is important to find a partner that will be able to complete these tasks – and Hicron’s experts are just that kind of partners.

Flexibility – the basis of cooperation

To complete any of the crisis management plan’s steps, the company needs support from IT specialists and SAP consultants. This is, however, not the only requirement.

It is much more important to base the cooperation on flexible conditions. Tasks presented above are very different – they need experts of different qualifications taking different actions, sometimes connected more with consultancy than technical optimizing of IT systems. Sometimes it is necessary to get out of the comfort zone and step outside the boundaries of the previous offers.

The HicrON-Time strategy is the answer to such demands. It will allow your company to be in touch with the team of experts of different areas, that are ready to lead any project strategic for your company at any given moment

The pandemic crisis management plan helps you rationally manage resources and strategic projects in your company. Thanks to that, you do not only ensure your business continuity during the new reality, but you will also strengthen your company before the upcoming economic slowdown.

If you are interested in the solutions presented above, you want to ensure the development and continuity of your company, or you have additional questions, please contact us! Fill in the form below. Our experts will contact you with the details of the offer!

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