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The business analysis gives you the opportunity to learn a lesson from every action taken. It is an indispensable element of a company’s strategy and a way to reduce costs and increase effectiveness. Technology helps in making the right decisions and interpreting data in the correct way – you can use, for example, extensive SAP Analytics tools.

VisiON Architect. What is SAP Analytics?

SAP Analytics is a package of business analytics solutions. In a suite of SAP products, you can find for example:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud – a tool including 3 components: Business Intelligence, planning and predictive analytics;
  • SAP Business Objects – a tool for creating and sharing reports and analysis;
  • SAP Lumira – a tool for creating reports’ visualisations;
  • SAP Data Services – a tool ensuring the highest quality of your data.

You can find more available products in our SAP Analytics offer. We can customize each of them to your company’s requirements. The number of tools is overwhelming, which makes it hard to answer a question: What does my company need? At Hicron, we not only find the answer but also design such analytical systems, that improve and facilitate our clients’ reports and planning processes.

Hicron’s consultants are true vision architects. They can rewrite processes of any company to the language of SAP software. It is no different with SAP Analytics solutions. Experienced developers get to the bottom of your company to understand its operations. Then they create models and report templates and design completely new functionalities.

As a result, each of SAP Analytics products is adapted to the company – whether it is a planning tool, predictive analytics, or for creating complex visualizations.

SolutiON Maker. How to use SAP Analytics?

The most important rule of using analytics tools is to ensure they are using the same data source. SAP Analytics products can use data warehouses (like SAP Business Warehouse or SAP BW4HANA), or download it directly from the SAP ERP system. If you are using an ERP system based on the SAP HANA database, your possibilities increase. Since the data is available in real-time, it takes very little time to generate reports and analyses, which helps in decision making.

Working with Hicron’s consultants – solution makers – means many additional advantages. Clients appreciate support in rewriting the company’s processes into the language of SAP systems. Thanks to this, all transactions and activities not only leave a trace in the software but can also be analyzed or planned later.

Consultants and developers create reports and analyses templates, visualisations, and dashboards, tailored to the user’s position in the organisation. Such dashboards present exactly the data that the employee needs in their work. They do not lose important information, and at the same time does not waste time searching through data that is unnecessary for them.

An important part of preparing tools is integrating it with the client’s work environment. SAP Analytics solutions can be integrated with SAP ERP systems, but also with other SAP products.


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