ABAP Development Services

With programming language ABAP, our developers can adjust your SAP ERP system to suit your most specific needs. hundreds of solutions working for our clients, international experience and references are the best proof of our quality.
ABAP Development Services

Digital transformation

ABAP programming is said to be an essential part of digital transformation process as it makes it possible to adjust solutions and applications to client’s individual needs, their strategy and business goals. This is why ABAP programmers at Hicron are not only software engineers, but they also need the business curiosity that business consultants have. This combination of skills and competences: software knowledge and understanding of business processes helps us work faster, deliver best suited solutions and improve cooperation process with our clients.

If you need a solution that performs specific functions or addresses a specific problem, you can have it programmed by our experienced ABAP teams. Applications written by Hicron experts are efficient and prepared for future scaling as your business grows. 

This aproach helps us perfectly adapt our clients’ SAP systems to their needs. Apart from developing applications, we also optimize and migrate them to newer technologies. If you are wondering if the system in your company could be better adapted to your current needs or you feel you need to replace the existing platform – we will discuss possible options, perform a technology audit and help you choose the best solution.

Our offer

 We operate in four areas related to ABAP programming to fully address all your needs.

Implementation of SAP ERP and custom extensions
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In most cases, standard SAP solutions do not support companies’ business operations fully and in order to do so, the SAP system need to be adjusted. This is a typical situation for industrial solutions, where specific business processes cannot be reflected in a standard funtionality.

We implement SAP systems and, using the ABAP programming language, adapt them to the company’s needs and business processes from the very beginning. 

Creating proprietary applications  
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The applications we designe at Hicron are written according to your guidelines and then integrated with the company’s business processes. We also support clients by suggesting improvements and additional amenities. When you decide to cooperate with Hicron in terms of ABAP services, you choose a technological partner that will facilitate the digital transformation of your company bu suggesting best suited solutions and technology.

Optimization and integration of existing solutions
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This service addresses several needs. Sometimes the applications used in the company meet your needs, but their performance or UX/CX (User/Customer Experience) leaves much to be desired. Sometimes you need a new tool, but have trouble integrating it into your existing system. It is also possible that the solution you are using was written in older technologies and will no longer be supported by SAP. 

ABAP developers are able to solve each of these problems. Hicron will ensure that the tools used in your company are scalable, fast and well-optimized. 

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We are able to carry out extensive integration projects using solutions such as Cloud Platform Integration. We can combine cloud-based or on-premise tools, whether they are SAP applications or not. 

How we work

We create customer-centric teams of ABAP developers.

A team consists of an Architect, a Development Lead and ABAP developers. If the scope of the project is significant, there will also be Steam Leads. The architect designs a solution using the newest technologies. Development Lead and Stream Leads take care of task distribution, cohesion, and code quality. Finally, developers deliver software, always following the best practices, your guidelines, and Agile methodology.

Are you concerned about the time difference? It does not matter if you work from Europe, Australia, Asia or the USA – we will make sure you will not notice the distance. With flexible working hours and dedicated teams of developers, Hicron adapts to your needs and means.

Why to choose Hicron software developers?

We implement the most difficult projects that other suppliers do not undertake.
Our ABAP team works differently than our competitors. Hicron consultants have a broad knowledge of SAP modules – this allows them to look at the tasks they face from both the technological and business perspective. For your company this means faster translation of business needs into the language of technology.
We have established service delivery standards and always follow good programming practices.
You can be sure that we deliver the highest quality code that will enable future scalability.
Our experience in your industry allows us to create solutions tailored to your business.
We have over 15 years of experience acquired in Poland and abroad during projects with companies from industries such as automotive, IT, production, logistics, banking and others.
We have written dozens of applications for our clients.
You can see a selection of our solutions at Hicron Labs. Thanks to the huge number of libraries and frameworks as well as solution ideas that we have gathered over the years, we write applications very quickly – because we almost never have to start “from scratch”.

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