PKP - Polish Railways

PKP S.A. has owner supervision over the companies of the PKP Group, whose main focus is to ensure the highest quality of transportation and logistics services for passengers and goods. In addition, the company is implementing an extensive program of station modernization and investment activities.
PKP - Polish Railways

Development of SAP interfaces, SAP Fiori app for Real Estate Management


Document flow automation, mobile management of real estate objects

Custom-made SAP solutions for PKP

PKP S.A. is one of the largest real estate owners in Poland. The company’s resources include approximately 100 thousand hectares of land and about 57 thousand buildings and structures. The administration of such a number of facilities and plots is very complicated and time-consuming, therefore, in connection with the plan to optimize the lease of real estate, PKP S.A. decided to implement an SAP Fiori mobile solution. 

Moreover, the nature of PKP S.A. operations is associated with the need to record large numbers of electricity invoices. Because of the problems related to the registration of these processes, the company decided to introduce a solution that will help automate and optimize the circulation of accounting documents.

number of Hicron projects in PKP companies
hectares of land managed by PKP with a SAP Fiori mobile device
real estate objects managed by PKP with a SAP Fiori mobile device

01 Case study

Tailor-made interfaces
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This solution was implemented based on the IT infrastructure already existing at PKP S.A., expanded with a new integration platform component, which significantly shortened the workflow without exposing the client to any additional expenses.

Quick return on investment in the form of significant optimization of document flow, noticeable immediately after project completion, and low implementation costs – are the main success factors of the project.

The tool co-created by the Hicron team is a significant improvement in the circulation of accounting documents for our client – PKP S.A. PKP S.A. recorded significant time savings, thanks to the automation of a part of the process, almost immediately after the implementation of the solution in the company’s structure. The completion of the entire project, starting with pre-implementation analysis, was exemplary, and the cooperation between Hicron and PKP Informatyka was fully professional.
Magdalena Maślarz
IT systems expert at PKP Informatyka

Results achieved

  • automation of document circulation
  • changes in entering and processing invoices
  • ability to link and update contracts for individual invoices
  • automatic transfer of accounting results to the Financial and Accounting Document Circulation System
  • ability to enter utility meter readings into the SAP system
  • time savings resulting from the automation of invoice circulation

02 Case study

SAP Fiori app for Real Estate management
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PKP owns almost sixty thousand real estate objects. In order to streamline administrative processes, the company needed a powerful and intuitive solution. It was looking for a “mobile knowledge base” on facilities – so that an employee operating in the field could quickly receive a set of information about a given building or plot of land. 

The choice fell on SAP Fiori – a user environment characterized by mobility and ease of use combined with a wide range of functionalities. Using SAP Fiori, the Hicron team prepared a suite of applications enabling control and management of all aspects of real estate objects. 

The first stage of the project was to create interactive prototypes of the entire solution. Then the team started working on the implementation of SAP Fiori. One of the most important tasks was to create an architecture including 7 dedicated modules, providing on-line access to SAP RE data: 

  • Real estate units 
  • Buildings / structures 
  • Land 
  • Lease Facilities 
  • Business partners 
  • Meters 
  • Contracts 

Implementation benefits

  • The possibility of mobile execution of business processes
  • Efficient, fast, and intuitive real estate management
  • Remote and direct access to the data in the SAP RE system for all managers and real estate administrators of PKP S.A. 
  • The possibility of real-time data transfer, allowing for immediate estimation of the potential and maintenance costs of real estate
  • Increasing the comfort and pace of work

SAP Fiori – applications available on any device

The key requirement of the client was the preparation of a solution that would give employees convenient access to SAP RE (Real Estate management). As employees often worked in the field, the solution had to be available on mobile devices. SAP Fiori turned out to be the best choice in this case. 

Fiori applications are responsive – they can be used on any device, including smartphones and tablets. They are also connected, so that switching between different functionalities takes only a moment. However, in order for them to have access to data from the SAP RE system, a special infrastructure was needed, consisting of additional Fiori solutions. Hicron focused on their preparation.  

The biggest challenge of the project was its schedule – the Hicron team operated within a very tight time frame. However, we rose to the occasion: the client received the first phase of the project after only a week of cooperation. We provided the client with high-quality code. The consultants, thanks to their experience, perceptiveness, and high discipline, were able to instantly detect technical failures and correct them immediately. Thus, despite the demanding schedule, we implemented a ready-made, fully functional solution on time. 

The price was not the only thing that mattered during the procedure. There were also criteria related to experience and an appropriate project team. The implementation started very quickly. We accepted the first phase of the project a week after signing the contract. What was unique about the project was that it was carried out remotely. Our ability to meet face-to-face was limited, so we collaborated mostly by e-mail and phone calls, but the work was still very coherent.
Michał Malarowicz
Deputy Project Manager at PKP

100% remote project

The implementation of SAP Fiori was unique for PKP also for another reason. The project was implemented 100% remotely – which in 2019 was not yet common practice. The client appreciated the professionalism of Hicron consultants and the timeliness of our work in such – then unusual – conditions. For us this was not surprising, as we have many years of experience both in running projects on site, remotely, or partially remotely.  

We received an inquiry regarding the preparation of an offer in a non-public procedure in the form of an open tender for the implementation of an SAP Fiori solution with access to the functions of the SAP Real Estate system, i.e. for real estate management at PKP S.A. The company was preparing to consolidate all data in one source. The requirements set by the client in the course of the tender procedure were high. We had to propose and write our own extensions that would meet specific business needs as part of operational service. SAP Fiori is a solution that perfectly fits the company's needs related to the management of facilities and land.
Adam Warszewski
Sales Director at Hicron

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