SAP HR - Human Resources

This module of the SAP system can handle all areas of “hard” HR: from personnel administration and payroll accounting, through working management, to workflow automation. Build lasting relationships with your employees and improve their experience with the company!
SAP HR - Human Resources

About SAP HR

SAP HR is a set of tools that can be implemented either as a component of the SAP system or as a stand-alone instance. It enables comprehensive HR and payroll management at each stage of the employee’s relationship with the company. 

The biggest advantage of SAP products is that they can be tailored precisely to the needs of your business. The same is true of SAP HR – we will help you select the modules you need and will design the system so that it is fully in line with the specific HR processes in your company. 

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Our offer

OM – Organizational Management
This module enables you to manage and analyze the structure of the entire company. It is indispensable for companies wishing to use functionalities such as Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service (ESS and MSS) or looking to implement the Personnel Development (PD) sub-module responsible for planning career paths.
PA – Personnel Administration
This module provides the tools required for everyday administrative tasks. It stores employee data and allows for its modification while at the same time controlling its reliability. PA facilitates the carrying out of processes such as recruitment, billing travel expenses, or managing the payroll.
This module handles all processes related to recruitment – from planning recruitment through attracting and hiring new employees to providing them with development opportunities and consequently retaining them in the company. It allows the user to divide the whole process into stages, specify the requirements for particular positions, publish ads, and track candidate applications.
TM - Time Management
This advanced tool can be used to monitor the working time of employees, manage their vacations and absences, create schedules, and coordinate them with each other. This increases the productivity and flexibility of your enterprise, while making time management easier for both the HR department and the employees.
Payroll – payroll service management
This module significantly facilitates and accelerates all processes related to the payment and monitoring of employee salaries. It allows the user to generate payslips, certificates, and accounting documents; it prepares electronic transfers and automatically records payments.
ESS and MSS – Employee and Manager Self-Service
These applications allow employees and managers, respectively, to independently update personnel data in the HR system. Their functionalities include, among others, submitting vacation requests, recording working time, issuing employee appraisals, and managing team budgets.
PD – Personnel Development
This module is very advanced– both in terms of the number of available functionalities and its impact on the entire company. PD enables the creation of scenarios for planning employee career paths, training and competence development plans, and maps of competences required for specific positions (both currently and in the future). The tool allows you to ensure that your investment in employees is well planned, carefully considered, and beneficial to both your staff and the company as a whole.

Why Hicron

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We have been operating on the Polish and international markets since 2006. Since then we have helped companies from various industries to carry out digital transformations in HR by mplementing smaller automations like e-payslips, delivering support services in HCM area or implementing SAP Success Factors.
Expert support
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Both the implementation and adaptation of the system to your needs is carried out by experienced specialists who know SAP solutions inside out. To earn the name of a Trusted Advisor, we focus un enhancing skills of our consultants not only in the SAP HCM area but also in terms of business understanding and project experience.


What is SAP in human resources? SAP S/4HANA is a latest generation ERP system that supports digital transformation in companies. SAP implementation leads to streamlining and better integration of various departments in an organization. The SAP HCM and SAP Successfactors modules are designed to optimize human capital management processes. They support the HR department at every stage, from the recruitment and onboarding of employees, through planning their goals and salary management, to employee development and evaluation. SAP also responds to the contemporary labor market challenges by introducing SAP HXM (Human Experience Management), which focuses on employee experience management.
Is SAP good for HR? SAP HR is a comprehensive solution for your company’s HR and payroll department. It supports the optimization and digital transformation of organizations in the area of human capital management. It is also possible to expand it with additional modules to adapt it to the current needs of your company. The most important functionalities of the SAP system for HR include: working time and salary management, human resources and employee evaluation administration, but also competence building and increasing employee motivation. It allows the company to fully integrate and automate processes, speeding up and improving the efficiency of HR departments.
Which SAP module is used in HR? SAP HR is the general name used when talking about SAP system modules that support human capital management processes. It is also used interchangeably with SAP HCM. However, SAP HCM is just one SAP module that is primarily responsible for hard HR processes, such as staff and payroll. The SAP system also includes a cloud-based extension, SAP Successfactors, which optimizes and digitizes soft HR. It has extensive functionalities, including e-learning, recruitment, onboarding, or efficiency management and strategic resource planning. The individual modules can be integrated with each other to fully use the potential of SAP software.

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