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Service description

At Hicron, we understand the importance of the implementation team when introducing new technologies. Many companies do not have a group of appropriately specialized employees who are properly prepared to work on this type of projects. Training employees to perform these tasks can be costly and time-consuming, and can even cause a serious strain on teams and delays in the implementation of critical projects.

That is why we at Hicron have created a tailor-made service for small, medium, and large enterprises to ensure the proper implementation of RISE with SAP. Our Technical Advisor for RISE with SAP package can prepare any company for the implementation of this type of systems.

How it works

The Technical Advisor for RISE with SAP service package includes consulting, specialized services, and a professional implementation concept for RISE with SAP solutions. Our activities are designed to support organizations in all industries in their digital transformation and cloud solution implementations.

The scope of activities of Hicron experts involved in this type of projects includes, among others:

  • detailed preliminary analysis of the company’s technological base and existing business processes to determine its technological needs,
  • taking responsibility for all changes regarding the implementation of systems and extensions, installation of appropriate technologies, security services for the existing and cloud infrastructure, and the entire process of delivering and implementing SAP solutions,
  • taking responsibility for the entire process of implementing the RISE with SAP model,
  • working with the SAP delivery team in case of any problems,
  • observing the project in its entirety, identifying and diagnosing weaknesses, and eliminating them with the help of dedicated teams.

Clients using Hicron’s services under the Technical Advisor for RISE with SAP contract receive professional support before, during, and after the implementation as part of maintenance services. The entire implementation of RISE with SAP solutions is carried out by Hicron experts on the basis of the SAP Activate methodology recommended by the vendor.

To whom is the solution dedicated?

Services under the Technical Advisor for RISE with SAP package are designed for any company planning to implement any RISE with SAP technology. Regardless of your previous experience with SAP systems, we guarantee the highest quality support. Our offer also includes cooperation with other implementation partners to ensure the best possible implementation results for our Clients.

Technical Advisor for RISE with SAP provides support to teams that need advice and enhancement of their skills in the following areas:

  • developing a strategy to optimize implementation time and costs,
  • building infrastructure in a hybrid model, i.e. integration,
  • cloud products (BTP),
  • managing contracts/subscriptions with SAP and determining their content.


Scope of advisor support within Technical Advisor for RISE with SAP

The role of the Technical Advisor within the Hicron service package is to serve as a professional and qualified advisor focused on optimal implementation results. In the project, they also become architects of solutions designed in accordance with the company’s needs. The goal of this undertaking is not only to improve the implementation of RISE with SAP, but also the company’s business strategy.

Technical Advisor for RISE with SAP covers the following areas:

  • responsibility for implementing security/logon services both on local infrastructure and in the cloud,
  • maintaining contact between the Client and the SAP dCEM team, the SAP cloud architect, and the PCE team,
  • developing a new technical implementation concept, based on agreed decisions from the concept phase,
  • advisory in all phases of the SAP Activate methodology,
  • responsibility for delivering the technical part of the implementation based on the agreed technical concept,
  • advice on replacing current local services with the latest ones within the BTP technological platform,
  • technical integration expertise for private to public cloud configurations,
  • maintaining contact with third-party companies for the purpose of implementing their solutions,
  • serving as a technical expert for third party companies for the purpose of implementing their solutions according to agreed-upon principles,
  • ensuring the comfort of cooperation by visiting the Client’s premises under convenient conditions,
  • selecting and ordering appropriate service requests from the catalog of roles and responsibilities,
  • solving network problems,
  • solving technological problems,
  • ensuring monitoring of the health of SAP Cloud ALM technology,
  • ensuring task monitoring and automation based on SAP Cloud ALM technology.
Security, quality, and professionalism
We implement technical projects in accordance with the vendor’s recommendations, maintaining the highest security standards and taking into account the Client’s business strategy.
Efficiency and effective time management
We ensure that tasks are performed according to the agreed Task Schedule, both on the Client side and on the SAP side.
Quidance of specialized experts
We offer a strategy developed on the basis of knowledge gained by Hicron advisors during numerous RISE with SAP projects.
Maximum use of implementation potential
We leverage the functionality of cloud solutions as part of our business and offer our Clients those that best fit their needs.

Why Hicron?

Our implementation teams have nearly 20 years of experience in implementing projects of varying sizes. This has given us the ability to work in complex environments. We perfectly navigate the complicated structures between the Client, the implementation partner (Hicron), and the partners involved by the Client.

With years of experience in SAP implementation and business advisory, we have earned the trust of companies around the world. We are a partner of the vendor, which we have earned, among other things, through successful implementation projects of the RISE with SAP cloud environment. At Hicron, our specialists are responsible for the digital transformation of companies in various industries, from automotive to pharmaceuticals and education.

We have many reasons to be proud , and the Technical Advisor for RISE with SAP service is one of them. This form of support for RISE with SAP implementations is available only under a contract with Hicron. The independence of our experts is also strengthened by the fact that our services are addressed to organizations that entrust Hicron with entire implementation projects, but also to Clients who want to broaden their perspective and verify the quality of projects previously implemented in the company. We support enterprises that also utilize the services of other business partners and actively work with a pre-contracted implementation company. All this to provide Clients with the highest quality systems under RISE with SAP.

Form of cooperation

We have made sure that our contract proposals allow us to adapt the terms of cooperation to the constantly changing reality. At Hicron, we provide SAP Security support through three types of contracts.

We offer the following contract options:

girl in the car

Time & Material

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension


Are you looking for support in RISE with SAP implementation projects? Or maybe you want to learn how to improve them to achieve success in this area of your business? Contact Hicron consultants who will answer your questions and propose solutions tailored to the needs of your business!

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