Periodic updates – no need for upgrades on the Client’s side

How is a system updated as part of the RISE with SAP offer? How are patches and new features delivered?

SAP is evolving. In recent months, the company has been steadily expanding its portfolio of cloud services (including S/4HANA Public and Private Cloud as well as ecosystem-wide solutions offered through RISE), adding a number of services.

Thanks to RISE, the responsibility for updating the system can be transferred from the Client to the SAP team.


Semi-annual updates are performed as follows:

  • Development and test systems are updated first.
  • Production systems and all other types of systems are updated at least 2 weeks after the update of the previous system.

Every Client is notified of the update by mail 6 weeks before the system update (Q).

As described in the Release and Update Cycle of S/4HANA Cloud methodology provided by SAP Activate, there are three types of lifecycle events in S/4HANA Cloud: corrections, feature updates, and release upgrades.

When and how are SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud updates performed?

A detailed system update schedule is included in SAP Activate. It includes the necessary changes applied to the Client’s systems along with the designated dates of their launch. The colors of the bars in the schedule (green, gold, and red) represent corrections, features, and upgrades. The update and upgrade numbers are indicated in the white boxes, where updates are numbered after each major release.

The Client is informed about the planned changes and has the opportunity to test the solutions in the Quality environment.

If you want to learn more about how to update the Cloud systems, please contact us using the form available.


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