Atlassian’s umbrella for SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementation

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Atlassian’s umbrella for SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementation
In addition to the right strategy, successful implementation of new technologies may require additional support. When implementing SAP S/4HANA, you may want to consider using Atlassian tools.

For many companies, implementing a new ERP system presents a number of challenges. Adapting processes to a specific solution may require the involvement of multiple teams, which creates the need to develop efficient communication between them, as well as a solid strategy for action. In such situations, tools that facilitate such an undertaking will come in handy.

 Atlassian means good forecasts for the work of teams

The purpose of the Australian producer’s products is to support the work of teams involved in various projects. They help manage them and monitor any changes that are made. They also provide an opportunity to control the progress of actions and changes.

Their wide range allows for the creation of common spaces for working, communicating, and sharing insights. Atlassian tools are used by software development and business environments. Users can employ them to manage projects, build software and applications, introduce development changes, plan HR activities, create financial strategies, or run marketing campaigns.

 What falls under the Atlassian umbrella?

The tools available from Atlassian that support team collaboration include:

  • JIRA Software – most often used in the project work of software developers, consultants, and project managers; enables backlog monitoring, sprint planning, and progress tracking; used to manage projects and monitor the implementation of related tasks; allows adaptation of the system to the current project; helps to apply different workflows for different projects, use various fields and schemes to make running and working on a project as intuitive and effective as possible,
  • Confluence – used by a variety of teams, including those whose collaboration focuses on analyzing and creating documentation and content; used to store and work on project documentation; can also be utilized as an enterprise knowledge platform for everyday work, but also as a training tool,
  • Trello – designed for project management; built on the basis of Kanban boards, which makes it very intuitive to use; presents work progress in individual tasks and enables their management,
  • Bamboo – designed to help software and application design teams, automates the development, testing, and implementation of new technologies; based on Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, a strategy for automating and streamlining the application lifecycle,
  • Jira Service Management – a typical ITSM service system that can be used inside and outside the organization to record bugs or request changes, for example, after the start of a project in its maintenance phase,
  • Bitbucket – used to supervise source code and facilitate developer collaboration; allows them to track changes made to the code, control the source code, and administer repositories,
  • Opsgenie – an environment designed to manage incidents and alarms, helping organizations respond in real time to faults and complications.
  • Crowd – allows you to manage access to the various Atlassian applications and user identities in your organization.

Thanks to such a wide range of functionalities, these tools are ideal for implementing new technological solutions, including SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Activate methodology − optimal conditions for implementation

In order to streamline the processes involved in implementing SAP S/4HANA, the producer has developed a methodology to support businesses. SAP Activate (learn more in our e-book) connects to many of the brand’s tools, but it also works well in combination with other solutions.

 Atmosphere conducive to implementations

It is designed not only to improve implementation, but also to adapt it to the needs of Clients and shorten the time of related operations. As a result, the whole process can go much faster and smoother.

 What does the SAP Activate methodology bring?

Among the many benefits of this strategy, the following are particularly clear:

  • accessibility for the Client – the effectiveness of this method is based on the provision of high-quality services from the very beginning; the project must be understandable to the Client and respond to their needs, so that the final result is perfectly tailored to the needs of their company;
  • flexibility – means adapting the implementation process to the Client’s needs and the specific situation of their company;
  • agility this feature of the methodology is related to the agile approach to implementation, which involves rapid iterations, regular testing, and the introduction of new features;
  • project life cycle – the method covers the entire project life cycle, from planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing, and post-implementation support;
  • ready-made solutions – as part of this strategy, SAP has prepared tools, templates, and best practices to support and accelerate implementation.

Atlassian + SAP S/4HANA – perfect climate for your implementation

The process of implementing SAP S/4HANA requires not only an appropriate strategy, but also solutions that will facilitate the project and support its execution. The SAP Activate methodology supports and optimizes such projects.

Another important aspect of this type of task is providing teams with the right tools to make the strategy feasible. Of course, choosing them can be time-consuming, but it does not have to be. With the help of experienced experts, it is possible to implement solutions that will meet user expectations, help the organization achieve business goals, and ensure the security and good organization of the implementation.

Atlassian applications are among the tools that meet these requirements and are perfect for introducing SAP S/4HANA technology into an organization’s structure.

 Common front: which Atlassian tools to combine with the SAP Activate methodology?

JIRA Software and Confluence are certainly helpful in an SAP S/4HANA implementation based on the SAP Activate methodology.

In the case of the former, teams gain the ability to organize the sequence of tasks performed as part of the undertaking and assign specific milestones to them. In addition, this tool allows you to assign users responsible for specific areas of the project, helping you maintain full control over work progress and improve communication within teams. It also provides the ability to monitor testing, backlog, processes and correct errors. With built-in reports, users have more control over the project. They can easily identify complications, such as bottlenecks or delays, and respond in a timely manner. Built-in Scrum and Kanban boards provide extensive capabilities for planning project work, such as sprint methodology, and also make it easy to monitor the progress of activities.

Confluence, in turn, offers teams the ability to create complete implementation documentation. Each team can create their own space to work, store attachments, edit files, and more. All while maintaining the highest security standards and complete control. It is also a place to create important meeting notes, store concepts, and all sorts of project documents. The wide range of macros available gives you the ability to not only edit text, but also place and manage files such as Excel or PowerPoint presentations. It allows multiple users to work on one document at the same time, preserving all changes.

An additional benefit for an organization implementing SAP S/4HANA using the SAP Activate methodology with the support of Atlassian tools is the combination of JIRA software and Confluence environments. This integration of all three systems will enable teams to increase efficiency and streamline processes. Confluence can be a collection of information about orders created in JIRA software in the form of tasks. All of this can be programmed to happen automatically, without the user having to switch between applications. This reduces the time it takes to roll out changes, accelerating the implementation of SAP S/4HANA.

With such synchronizations, the company gains an intuitive, customized, secure, and complete deployment space.

Predicting usability beyond implementations

The features of Atlassian applications allow you to improve the work comfort of teams working on more than just implementing new technologies. These are solutions designed for groups of employees working together, so they will work well for most companies.

Atlassian provides assistance to creative departments that can use spaces such as Confluence to monitor the progress of ongoing campaigns, research consumer response to specific ads, or assemble elements of promotional items.

Trello provides a space for users to efficiently organize their work, both individually and in groups. Its graphically accessible form and multiple options for prioritizing tasks help increase the productivity of employees and improve the projects they manage. This also increases their satisfaction.

Service teams can use Opsgenie and Jira Service Management to log and quickly respond to user-reported issues. This functionality increases employee productivity and Customer confidence.

In turn, tools such as JIRA Software, Crowd, Bitbucket or Bamboo can improve the efficiency of everyone involved in a project, who can speed up their work thanks to intuitive and versatile applications, improve communication between employees and Customers, and significantly increase work comfort.

Free consultation

We are proud of our Atlassian implementations. We support dozens of companies in the implementation of solutions from the Australian manufacturer. Our organization also has some first-hand experience with these tools. They allowed us to maintain continuous development and we decided to support others on their journey as well. After many years of working on extending the functionality of these tools in our own organization and elsewhere, we expanded the scope of our services and created the Atlassian Consulting team. The team oversees all implementations of JIRA, Confluence, and other Atlassian products.

We decided to go the extra mile and expand our offering in this area even further. We introduced a free consultation service for Atlassian products. During the consultation we will analyze the nature of your business and within 2 days* you will receive a solution proposal covering all your needs, saving you the time you would otherwise spend researching the market, analyzing functionality, and comparing available solutions.

For more information, go to our offer or contact our consultants directly!

*2 days: this is the time we usually take to prepare the analysis, but particularly demanding studies may require more time.

We integrate Atlassian and SAP S/4HANA systems. We are ready for the clouds!

Implementing a cloud ERP system is an undertaking that must be organized with the utmost care, supported by proven solutions and the best consultants. At Hicron you will find all this and more. Are you looking for experts who will understand your business needs and can guide you through the implementation of SAP S/4HANA and Atlassian systems? Contact Hicron consultants!


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