Wildcard search options in the database

Wildcard search options in the database
Wildcards in SAP provide users with a quick and accurate way to find data that meets specific criteria. They are particularly useful when you do not have complete knowledge of the data you need or when you wish to find a group of information that matches a particular pattern. How can wildcards be used to search for data in the system? We have prepared a short guide with clear instructions to answer this question.


How can I search for records in the database?

Step-by-step guide

To search for records in the database you can use the Wildcard Search Option.

You can use * to replace any string of characters and + to replace any single character.


Example of usage Result example
*00 100, 1000, 100000, 200, 3000, 40000

If you want entries to contain wildcards, insert the # symbol before the wildcards * and + to free them from their special function as wildcards.


Example of usage Result example
A#+B A+B
A#*B A*B

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We trust that we have successfully introduced you to the technique of searching for data using wildcards. This method will certainly improve your daily work with the system and increase the efficiency of your operations. We are delighted to have been of assistance. Additionally, our consultants can help you in many other areas related to SAP operation. Simply contact us to take advantage of their support.

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