Where are the jobs for IT specialists?

The majority of companies implement information technologies and need the support of qualified employees. This dependency is the main reason for the current situation where over eight thousand companies employ IT specialists. In which Polish regions are IT professionals hired most often and which industries are the most promising work-wise?

Industries increasingly on the lookout for IT specialists

According to The Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in the next 15 years, IT specialists – among other technical professions, will be in highest demand; they note one of the highest employment factors – 78 per cent of them work in their profession.

The General Statistics Office’s (GUS) research entitled “Use of information-(tele)communication technologies in enterprises and households in 2013” says, that 8.6 per cent of companies in Poland have IT-educated employees. Intensive growth of this sector has influenced not only technological progress, but also external financing, for instance by foreign investors or European Union.

Poland is rapidly strengthening its position on the world market of IT solutions providers. Huge support has come from subsidies granted by EU; from installation of internet broadband to innovative IT projects’ investments. According to the “EU subsidies Map”, Warsaw alone received subsidies for 1,337 telecommunication and e-service projects. The whole country has completed over eight thousand such projects since 2004
Michał Guzek
Michał Guzek
Managing Partner in Hicron

The capital – IT employee paradise

The largest percentage of companies with IT specialists on their payrolls can be found in the Mazovian (almost 13 per cent) and Lower Silesian (11.7 per cent) regions. The Pomeranian region comes up close with 8.9 per cent.

GUS research also says that the Mazovian region is the most prospective (for finding a job) due to a number of companies planning to hire professionals in this field. In this area there are almost 2,000 companies functioning and offering jobs, that employ more than 10 employees, which is a quarter of all companies in Poland.

Warszawa and Wrocław constitute two strongholds on the Polish map in terms of IT specialist employment. According to GUS estimates, qualified workers in the Mazovian and Lower Silesian regions will find a job twice as often as in the Lubuskie or Świętokrzyskie regions.
Marta Zerka
HR Specialist in Hicron

South-western Poland is also a prospective area when it comes to finding jobs. In the Lower Silesian region there are 814 companies looking for IT specialists. In the Silesian region – 1,047. IT professionals looking for a job should not forget about the Greater Poland area where 750 companies are hiring.

Polish IT specialist – foreign markets

Our IT specialists are also gaining recognition on foreign markets. Some of them are looking for employment “in the West”, whereas Poland is witnessing an increasing number of IT projects being launched with many services being outsourced to local IT companies. What prospects do information technology students have?

Polish IT professionals are on par with their foreign colleagues. The international status of the company means that we cooperate with IT specialists from all over the world. This gives us the ability to estimate skills and confirm them, something that Polish employees posses to a very high level.
Marta Zerka
HR Specialist in Hicron

IT industry and …

According to The Ministry of Science and Higher Education during the next 15 years, IT specialists among other technical professions, will be in highest demand; they note one of the highest employment factors – 78 per cent of them work in their profession. Which branches of the economy need them the most?

Demand for IT specialists can also be observed outside the most dedicated industries: information and telecommunication. Other branches implement information technologies (to various degrees) and need the support of qualified IT employees. The biggest employers come from: wholesale, industrial processing and retail.

It is no surprise that most specialists choose leading companies or companies from the IT industry – these companies often guarantee development. However, these are not the only industries that hire IT specialists – candidates should have an open mind and be aware that jobs for specialists also await them in companies from other industries in which IT departments are crucial for a flawless operation. Reality forces enterprises to use the latest technologies and this directly translates into demand for experts. Very good prospects can be found for instance, in the insurance industry, in which more than three quarters of companies employ IT specialists – says Marta Zerka.

IT specialist not only in IT industry

IT job openings can also be found in the printing industry, in which 81 out of 120 companies need the support of IT professionals. Companies from the banking, media and science-research industries are also worthy of attention since job offers can be found in a quarter of them.

The dynamic development of the telecommunications industry goes hand in hand with a demand for specialists. This demand is obviously diverse and depends among other things, on the region of the country, but prospects are promising. Surveys from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education confirm that and say, that over 90 per cent of IT experts would choose the same career path again.

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