PP (CO) year end closing

 PP (CO) year end closing
Planning future business activities and conducting an in-depth cost analysis requires year end closing to be performed beforehand in the PP (CO) module. This is an essential step in the process of posting production costs. How to begin? Check which transactions are relevant for this process. Our manual will certainly help you with this. Follow the tips included within to make your task easier.


What transactions should be used to prepare the year-end closure for the PP (CO) module?

Step-by-step guide

Year closing should be done exactly as every billing period (i.e. month):

  1. Verify open Production Orders (COOIS)
  2. Verify not posted confirmations (COGI, COFG, CO1P, CO1L)
  3. Period closing – settlement via template (CPTA, CPTD)
  4. Period closing – actual revaluation (MFN1, CON2)
  5. Period closing – overheads (KGI2, CO43)
  6. Period closing – preliminary settlement of co-products/rework (CO8B, CO8A)
  7. Period closing – work in process (KKA0, KKAX, KKAO)
  8. Period closing – veriances (KKS2, KKS1)
  9. Period closing – settlement (KO88, CO88)
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