QM year end closing

QM year end closing
Year-end closing in the QM module correctly enables you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of quality control data and identify areas for improvement. If you are unsure which transactions are used in this process, refer to this manual prepared by our specialists. It contains clear guidelines to facilitate year-end closing in the QM module.


What transactions should be used to prepare the year-end closure for the QM module?

Step-by-step guide

Year closing should be done exactly as every billing period (i.e. month)

  1. Verify open inspection lots (QE51, QE51N, QVM1, QVM3)
  2. Verify quality and blocked stock (QVM2, MB52, MMBE, BMBC)
  3. For QM Orders – period closing steps similar to PP orders [simplified] (KB21N, KGI2, CO43, KO88, CO88)
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As you can see, year-end closing in the QM module is very straightforward. Thanks to the instructions above, you now know which transactions are useful for this process. If you have any more questions, we will be happy to answer them. Simply reach out to our consultants for expert support and enhance your work with SAP.

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