VD51 t-code

Assigning the customer's material name to the material number
VD51 t-code
Mapping customer material names to material numbers is essential for accurately identifying and processing orders based on the customer’s terminology. This capability significantly enhances the efficiency of sales and logistics operations. Using the VD51 transaction facilitates communication and streamlines product information management. Wondering how to assign a customer's material name to a material number? Read our short step-by-step instruction to find out.


How can I map the name of the customer’s material with the material code?

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the VD51 transaction and enter the fields to which you want to assign a material index:

  • Customer code
  • Sales organization
  • Distribution channel

Confirm your choice by pressing Enter:

2. Then fill in:

  • Material no.
  • Customer material

and confirm by pressing Enter:

3. Now save the entered data by pressing the floppy disk icon:

4. After saving you will receive the message Customer-Material info was saved:

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Have you learned how to assign customer material names to material numbers in the system? We trust our manual acquainted you with the VD51 transaction, helping you optimize the management of material data. If you require support with any other SAP functions, Hicron consultants are ready to offer guidance. Contact us to further improve the efficiency and comfort of your work with the system.

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