A career in IT? Why not!

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Joanna Jankowska
Graduates looking to launch their careers would be wise to consider the IT industry, as it offers opportunities for interesting work and the chance to learn new skills. Why should you be interested in a career in the IT sector?

New technologies have been developing at lightning speed over the past decades, and, for now, there is no indication that this is about to change. Here are 7 reasons to convince you to work in this field! It does not matter whether you have a degree in computer science or are just planning to take your first steps into the world of information technology. A career in IT? Why not!

1. Probably the most important reason to plan an IT career is… the job itself.

Do you enjoy doing research? Discovering new things? Are you passionate about continuous development and innovations that make life easier? If so, then the IT industry is a perfect match for you. This is where changing the world for the better starts, where new concepts are developed and existing ones improved. And all this to make the lives of others easier, to streamline business processes, and to enable easy and fast communication. This is a job for people who are creative, curious about the world, and open to constant challenges.

2. A multitude and variety of challenges – this is an ideal career path for anyone who is constantly looking for new challenges in their professional work.

The goal of IT specialists is to solve various problems that people already have to face as well as to discover solutions in areas where we have not even realized that improvement is needed. The industry allows you to test your own skills, drawing out the best out of those ambitious enough, so that they can discover what they are truly capable of. Whether they will work as a network administrators, IT specialists, or scientists, the job will never be boring. Specialists in new technologies will always be in demand. The boundaries of what man can do continue to expand – or rather, are being continuously expanded by IT experts. So if you enjoy solving problems and are able to think logically, then you should seriously consider a career in IT.

3. Variety – a vast range of tasks that precludes boredom.

The most popular areas of the industry include software development and implementation, creating application and communication software, high-tech production, and computer services. But IT is more than just jobs in the IT industry. A demand for specialists in modern technologies can be found in every other area of the market. Specialists can work in medical fields, agriculture, transportation, logistics, energy, entertainment, as well as in areas such as law, banking, or finance. This is great news because you can combine your passion for technology with virtually any other interest and enjoy both in your professional life.

Modern technology has changed the way we do business and the way we store and exchange information. Large companies gather terabytes of information and need to ensure good communication among their national and international branches. The need for skilled IT staff is one of the most important issues for them to solve. And not everyone is able to fulfill the tasks and expectations set before them – this requires the right skills and qualifications. Virtually every business relies on some form of technology to operate and succeed – whether it is an online store, an advanced data analysis center or a systems maintenance department – there is a vast selection of roles you could potentially choose and fulfil. The knowledge of advanced IT techniques will allow you to work virtually anywhere (e.g., at Hicron we implement projects in companies from the automotive, FMCG, and clothing industries, among others).

4. High demand, high pay – as technology is integral to success in many fields, it is hardly surprising that specialists are in constant demand.

A career in IT is often equated with the skills and competencies of specialists. Technology experts will be needed as long as problems continue to be encountered. And this usually entails high wages. The work is challenging, indispensable, and highly valued. That is why specialists in new technologies are among the highest-paid employees in every industry and organization. One survey has shown that graduates working in IT earn the most (IT salaries). The median salary in the IT sector was shown to be 6,000 PLN, while the median salary among graduates of M.A. or equivalent programs in public universities was 4,200 PLN. But there is more: in addition to attractive wages, IT workers can count on continuous training and many non-wage benefits.

5. Employers are looking for specialists on a massive scale – these days one can hardly find an employer that has no need for an IT specialist. Who are IT careers for?

Some companies that have limited need for computerizing their processes may hire only one or two employees from the field of IT. However, the operation of large organizations requires the employment of entire teams responsible for system development and maintenance. This applies to all industries, not only the high-tech industry. Also significant is the rising popularity of online shopping and the increasing number of new e-commerce businesses. There is a shortage of competent specialists with the appropriate knowledge and skills – a shortage that makes employers go to great lengths to find someone to fulfil this role. According to Hays, the IT sector in Poland lacks as many as 30 thousand IT specialists and programmers. As the use of technology constantly continues to grow, specialists will be sought after even more. Careers in IT are no longer only for programmers, but also for business consultants and people fluent in foreign languages.

6. Travels far and near – working in IT is inextricably linked with traveling.

Of course some of the work is performed remotely, but some of it has to be done together with the client. Business trips will not only allow you to visit interesting parts of the world, but will also provide you with the opportunity to meet fascinating people, get to know other cultures, and improve your communication skills in foreign languages. The Hicron team is currently in Australia – you can check out our photos and posts on our Facebook profile. A career in IT can make your travel dreams come true!

7. Support for professionals at the start of their career – graduates and young professionals at the start of their career receive a lot of support from their senior and more experienced colleagues.

Companies know that, considering the importance of responsibilities associated with the job, there is no room for wasting their junior employees’ potential with menial tasks. Everyone wants new employees to gain the knowledge they need and quickly become independent, qualified, and able to provide the highest standard of services. Therefore, companies offer numerous training programs pertaining to both technical competencies and soft skills.

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