Hi5 values:
Alicja – a wise Owl

Hi5 values: <br />Alicja – a wise Owl
The Owl symbolizes our Advisors. Owls are responsible, wise, constantly deepening her knowledge, meticulous, and insightful.

It is no surprise that this Power Animal fits Alicja Słoma’s attitude perfectly. We congratulate her on the nomination and ask her how it feels to receive this award.

How do you feel as a Hicron Owl?

It’s great. Thank you so much for the distinction.

The Owl is a responsible advisor. What are your practices that allow you to identify with this Power Animal?

The Owl is an animal that can see perfectly well in difficult conditions, in the dark. Taking these words literally, of course I do not have such a gift, but I believe that I can see the opportunities and threats that appear on our project road. On my own I may not always be able to take advantage of every opportunity or prevent every threat. However, the responsibility you mentioned prevents me from being indifferent to such situations, and I persistently look for solutions.

Which of your Hicron accomplishments do you value most?

I highly appreciate long-term cooperation with clients. I derive a lot of satisfaction from the fact that, over time, the customers give us more and more responsibility as we create or expand their IT products. This provides great motivation for self-development and allows the potential of both my colleagues and the whole organization to be utilized.

I also get a lot of satisfaction from the fact that, in addition to being responsible for the project, I can advise the client on the best ways of developing their product so that it yields business value.

What are your strengths?

Prudence, responsibility, reliability, diligence.

What about weaknesses? What traits of your character do you need to watch out for?

I have a hard time coping with failures. Recently I heard that “it’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes”; I try to accept it because my projects are very dynamic and the ability to draw conclusions quickly and turn them into actions is very important.

If you had to name other Owls in our company – who would you name and for what?

There are lots of them, in every department of our company. For me everyone who cares about both ensuring stability and continuing to develop themselves and Hicron is an Owl.

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