Home Office: 5 ways to work effectively from home

The development of digital technologies, and recently also the necessity to minimize contact with others, means that more and more people work remotely, creating their one-person “offices” at home. How to use home office effectively and comfortably?

The ability to independently set working hours, breaks, and – in the meantime – catch up on household chores. Remote work has many benefits, but also comes with some challenges to keep in mind. Lack of external motivation, fewer social contacts, and the need to develop self-discipline. Here are 5 rules to keep you focused on work while enjoying the benefits of being at home:

1. Organize your work plan every day

Determine what hours you work and stick to it. This is very useful advice for people who have problems with distraction as well as for those who work from home for much longer than they would work at the office. Organize each day to get the most out of it. Take advantage of your natural rhythm (whether you are an “owl” or a “lark”) and schedule your work when you are most productive. This will make work at the home office more pleasant and the results will be better. Establish a priority list and perform your duties accordingly.

2. Change from your pajamas and stretched-out T-shirts to something more formal

It is not that you should be sitting in a suit or high heels at home (but if you want to, you can). However, a decent but comfortable outfit (i.e. the so-called casual) affects our self-confidence and level of commitment. Take a shower, have breakfast. A morning shower will wake you up and make you more efficient.

3. Prepare your workplace

It is worth preparing a home office space that will be functional and comfortable. Surround yourself with things that put you in a good mood without distracting you. Turn on your favorite music, prepare healthy snacks, set a photo of your loved ones (or places to visit right after the pandemic) next to the computer – everything you enjoy. Do not associate work only with duties.

4. Take breaks

Take breaks regularly. Get up from your desk, stretch, have lunch in peace. If you need contact with people – call someone or conduct videoconferences. One of the benefits of remote work is flexibility – if you want to exercise, do it in the break between working hours and gather strength for further work in front of the computer.

5. Care for your relationships with colleagues

Even though you are working alone from home, it is important to maintain good relationships with others. The most durable relationships are built by spending time together, so do not forget to talk to people in the current situation, even over the phone. Have a conversation, help solve a problem, share your ideas. This will help you and others as well!

See you at the office! Let’s hope we will be back soon!

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