How to choose a good ERP system provider?
7 recommended practices

How to choose a good ERP system provider? <br />7 recommended practices
Investing in an integrated company management system is a complex process consuming both time and money. the choice of an appropriate partner which will implement the ERP system in accordance with the best standards is a very important decision that could potentially could the outcome of the whole operation. These are 7 pieces of advice concerning what is worth paying attention to when making that decision.

ERP system choice is a responsible task. The system must be tailored to suit current business processes, but it also must be „ready” to be modified in response to new challenges. ERP implementation is not an end in itself, but just means used to achieve competitive advantage. What to pay attention to when choosing your provider? What are the key aspects of this environment’s implementation and integration project?  Here, we present 7 answers.

Actual company needs/distinctive business processes within the company

Detailed pre-implementation analysis is a necessary element of the project. Basing on its results it will be possible to determine the criteria both of the system choice and its delivery. Well-defined expectations and thought-through business objectives constitute the key to making informed decisions. It is worthwhile to carefully consider which functionalities of the system will simplify work and enable reaching the strategic objectives pursued. An appropriate partner will help with pre-implementation analysis, selection of appropriate project members or necessary modules.

Company’s future needs

A prospective implementation partner should advise on the system’s future development matters. A well-performing company requires solutions which will support modifications of accepted assumptions and offer dedicated solutions for particular industries. Unpredictability characterizes the business environment: entry into new markets, distribution channel changes, assortment diversification or strategy modifications are an inherent part of an entrepreneur’s life. The system must be able to keep up with the fast pace of business environment changes and offer perfect scalability.


Does the implementation partner offer solutions tailored to the company’s needs? Does it have a sufficient competence level and proper resources enabling the creation of proprietary extensions allowing for customization of the solutions according with company’s specific needs? Is this partner able to integrate the new system with tools already existing in the company? Each company is unique, and its needs and scope of activities differ. Therefore, the requirements of each company include the ability to modify solutions, well-established methods of system integration, as well as reliable implementation team.

Comprehensiveness of services

Implementation of a project means more than just solution implementation. Consultations before the launch of the entire process, customer service, strategic consultancy, upgrades, integration and training are also part of it. Support by business partner is crucial at every stage of the implementation.

System usability

Comfortable operation, problem-free and thus effective use of the system are the next key element. It is extremely important to customize the interface according to UX (user experience) rules, usability and intuitive operation. Easy methods of data filtering, the ability to manage upgrades, create custom processes and automate them are but a few things worth taking a closer look at. For the ERP system to prove itself and to be comfortable in use, the business partner must instantly react to any change of the law or in the company’s operation.

The experience and portfolio of your business partner

Your business partner must offer complementary services, such as consultancy, application support, SAP system administrative support, SLA (service level agreement), high quality maintenance service, and be able to deploy an experienced team. It is worthwhile to look up the company, ask for references and consult its customers. A prospective partner is not only a system supplier, but should also be an advisor, which is why it is crucial for the design team to consist of carefully chosen specialists of appropriate knowledge and extensive experience. Only such an approach will guarantee optimal implementation and successful completion of the project.

System implementation and maintenance costs

System costs constitute a key element of the decision process, and should therefore be preceded by careful estimation of functionality to price ratio. Some system’s low price may seem tempting, however one must remember that their functionality will most likely not satisfy customer expectations with regards to customization capabilities or integration with pre-existing solutions. Numerous licensing methods offered by Hicron provide the ability to choose the payment method most beneficial to our partners. One should remember however that the payment method should be adjusted to real requirements.

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