A company using the SAP ERP system must opt ​​for one of two support options: basic SAP Standard Support or extended SAP Enterprise Support. We have already described the extensive SAP Maintenance contract. Here we explain what basic support is and how much Hicron gives its clients within it.


SAP Standard Support scope

In the beginning, let us remind you – the SAP Maintenance contract is obligatory for every customer using SAP products. As part of it, the company receives support from the manufacturer, thanks to which the systems used operate continuously. This guarantees continuous business and technological development. Moreover, the customer receives access to all patches and updates, as well as support in the event of technical problems.

For whom?

The basic offer of SAP Maintenance, i.e. SAP Standard Support, meets all the needs of medium-sized companies with a small number of branches, located mainly in one country.

For how long?

The contract is concluded for one year.

Supported areas

The primary goal of SAP Standard Support is to provide your company with technical support. It applies to:

  •  maintaining monitoring tools in the form of ST-PI and ST-A / PI components in the latest versions of their amendments;
  • ensuring permanent system integrity, for example by using standard support sessions such as SAP EarlyWatch Alert or SAP GoingLive Check;
  • support for solving technical errors through 24/7 access to knowledge bases of known problems (e.g. SAP Notes);
  • analysis of Early Watch Alerts reports, and preparation of recommendations;
  • assistance in conducting CQC (Continuous Quality Check) sessions;
  • maintaining and supervising the correct configuration of connections between the customer’s systems and SAP;
  • reporting errors to SAP on behalf of the client, along with the preparation of technical documentation and analysis of notes.

You can find a detailed comparison between the Standard and Enterprise versions here.


Benefits of the SAP Standard Support contract at Hicron

Will the basic care of the system answer all the company’s needs? Yes, as long as the Maintenance Partner is both responsive to the current challenges and has long-term thinking. Hicron’s philosophy assumes that a good SAP ERP system responds to the customer’s needs – and these needs change over time. That is why we offer our clients not only ongoing support but also training, consultations, suggestions for improvements, and expansion of the solutions used.

PCOE certificate

Hicron received PCOE certification – Partner Center of Expertise – without the need to undergo a detailed audit at the manufacturers. Why? In this way, SAP appreciated the excellent preparation of the company to provide SAP support services and the fact that our quarterly reports have ended with the so-called “green light” for many years.

Hicron – Gold Partner of SAP

Hicron, as an SAP Gold Partner, offers services in this field carried out following high standards adopted by SAP. The Gold Partner title means trust and full cooperation between Hicron and SAP, and thus a guarantee of the highest quality services for our clients.


Our slogan is: Hicron. VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker. It results from the way we operate, from the structure of our organization, philosophy, approach and mission. We respond to emerging challenges, and at the same time we go beyond them, we think long-term. And we do it in every area of ​​activity: during implementations, extensions, as well as during the maintenance of existing solutions.