SAP NOW is an event where you can start planning your digital transformation. This time Hicron will convince the audience of the importance of fast and efficient service and, consequently, of the SAP FSM solution in the perception of the company by its Customers.

Hicron is one of the first SAP Gold Partners in Europe which is implementing the FSM module. Based on the project implemented for Primulator Polska, the session titled “Management of business in the digital reality” will present the capabilities of SAP Field Service Management. Marek Robacha, Sales Director, Member of the Management Board of Primulator Polska, and Przemysław Perz, Senior Consultant to Hicron, will give a presentation entitled “How does Primulator Polska pass the brand quality test, cut service costs and evaluate equipment profitability?”. The speakers for Primulator Polska and Hicron, i.e., representatives of both project parties, guarantee accurate, expert knowledge backed by real examples and conclusions of the successful implementation. It is an absolute must for all maintenance managers.

However, expert knowledge and a thorough case study are not all Hicron has to offer! SAP NOW 2019 will also feature a comprehensive showcase segment presenting the operation and capabilities of SAP solutions in an unexpected and interesting manner. Hicron’s stand will examine the process of customer service, both on the customer’s and the service technician’s side, during a specially prepared showcase.

Thanks to the activities offered by Hicron, participants in SAP NOW 2019 will have a chance to assume the role of a Customer, report an issue and evaluate the service technician’s reaction time – all using the SAP FSM solution. Hicron employees will also show how easy, quick and effective the customer service process can be with SAP FSM.

Data on user activity and use of the application during the showcase will be collected by Hicron, and the analyses will be presented at Hicron and Primulator’s stand and during the main presentation.