Increasingly visible in Australia – Hicron is now a member of SAUG

Our membership of SAUG (the SAP Australian User Group) brings a number of benefits to us, as well as to Hicron’s existing and future customers.

Keeping up to date with the latest developments

SAUG is a very dynamic community that organises a number of educational and informational projects. Thanks to its numerous meetings, conferences, conventions and forums, SAUG’s members are expanding their knowledge of SAP products and solutions. In addition, they’re active networkers – it’s extremely important for companies such as Hicron that are entering new markets to actively expand their contacts and influence. Thanks to this, there’s no way we’ll miss any upcoming or emerging trends. What our customers obtain is a range of professional services that are cutting-edge and technologically well developed.

Hicron w Australii

SIG: acquiring knowledge SIGnificantly faster!

SAUG’s structure is interesting and well organised, and consists of multiple SIGs (Special Interest Groups). Each SIG represents a different thematic area within which it holds regular meetings and online events. By joining the individual groups, Hicron will be brought up to date with all the latest developments, acquiring knowledge from the Special Interest Group Mentors. In addition, we’ll be able to actively explore the market and discover emerging needs at the source – from actual users of SAP systems.

Knowledge is key

SAUG’s goal is to become a strategic partner to the Australian SAP community. Its main objectives are to give its members business advantages by acquiring the knowledge and influence required to use and improve SAP, as well as to eliminate any obstacles hindering implementation of their strategic objectives. Determining shared goals and advantages for all SAUG members makes it possible to improve management, as well as to develop business in a stable and regular way.

“SAUG’s mission is to build and strengthen the community of SAP users,” says Sławomir Dąbek, Managing Partner at Hicron. “SAUG facilitates networking, the exchange of information, knowledge, experience and ideas, and at the same time provides the possibility of indirectly influencing SAP products and programs. This is a great opportunity for us to expand our network of business contacts on Australian soil.”


As you can see, although some people visit this part of the world to relax, Hicron works at full speed even on the other side of the globe. Joining the SAUG community is another step in our development strategy in Australia. We’ll keep you updated about the following steps.