The project involved implementation of the SD (Sales & Distribution) and MM (Materials Management) modules, which cover the key sales and purchasing processes complete with auxiliary processes, as well as migration of material master data.

Without implementing SD and MM modules, CEDC would be virtually unable to function. In order to improve customer service and reduce costs, we took over distribution from the external operator. Customer service in the “duty free” area in Europe and working with distributors in Europe and in the Americas would be impossible without this implementation – says Piotr Majewski, IT Director at CEDC International Sp. z o.o.

The implementation took place at lightning speed because the period from the first teleconference to go-live was only 45 days. Another challenge was the need to prepare suitable tools and migrate the material master data, info records and customer material data.

Although the implementation covered only a few processes in the SD and MM areas, it was quite a challenge to become familiar with all requirements of the client, compare them with the standard delivered by SAP and propose the final solution in such a short time – say Piotr Til and Patryk Chlebda, lead project consultants of Hicron.

Despite the short period for implementation, the project was fully successful. Close cooperation between Hicron consultants and the CEDC project team made it possible to successfully complete this implementation, enabling CEDC to efficiently take over distribution – says Piotr Majewski of CEDC.

CEDC International Sp. z o.o. is one of the most important alcohol manufacturers and distributors worldwide as well as a leader on the Polish vodka market. Established in the beginning of 1990s, the company transformed from an importer into a manufacturer and distributor of vodkas in Europe and on the American market.