The obligation to transfer files in the VAT register in a specific shape was dictated by the Polish Ministry of Finance this year. The initial findings have been updated and full cooperation in the framework of JPK_VAT has been extended to a new group of companies; we soon face further changes. How to carry this out?

The original guidelines of the Polish Ministry of Finance (MF) assumed the creation and transfer files on the VAT register in XML format at the request of tax inspection, but since July 1, 2016 changes were made to impose on entrepreneurs new responsibilities.

Every large enterprise has been obliged to provide JPK the 25th day of each month, starting in July 2016. In addition, the obligation to use JPK_VAT by small and medium-sized enterprises was accelerated: the original date of the compulsory settlement since July 2018 was changed to January 2017.

IT market responds

Along with the progressive advancement of the work of the Ministry of Finance leading manufacturers and integrators of IT systems began to create solutions that support the processes associated with the JPK. What follow when choosing a product most appropriate for your business?

The solution must first of all be able to fully integrate with the functioning of the company computer system. This reduces file preparation time, because the data is retrieved directly from the system. It is noteworthy that the potential costs of implementation and its growth opportunities, eg. If only supports file JPK_VAT or the other structures – says Paul Polanski ,Solutions Architect responsible for the project in Hicron.

Hicron JPK is an open application: its implementation and integration proceed rapidly without generating basically spending to implement: the customer bears only the cost of the solution. Another perk is an option rapid expansion solutions by further components associated with w / the structures reporting to the Ministry of Finance.

The guidelines of the Ministry of Finance mean for us as a large company, the need for rapid and efficient implementation of solutions that will be able to simplify this process so that the monthly service relevant documents required from the team accountant minimal effort. Implementation Hicron_JPK was for us almost unnoticed, and another shipping document JPK run without problems – says Anna Serafin, Chief Accountant at WAGO implementing a Hicron_JPK.