Hicron Lead & Opportunity Management was created to address growing needs of our Automotive customers to introduce more integrated sales processes on the way between distribution company and its numerous, mostly independent, sales agents.


We have prepared a dedicated solution with helps to:

  • Manage and process sales leads in a systematic and structured way
  • Actively support lifecycle actions to increase both the number of valid leads generated and to increase number of leads converted into contracts
  • Leverage existing SAP tools and solutions implemented for quick ROI (SAP Automotive portfolio & Dealer Portal)

Key functions:

  • Lead generation

    • Automated lead creation in SAP and rule-based assignment of leads to dealers and sales representatives
    • Integrated Business Partner verification and sales zone management
    • Configurable, multi-step follow-up actions assigned to leads with special thread for ’ Hot Leads’
    • Support for calls, appointments, test drives, quotations and related follow-up actions
  • Lead conversion

    • Full integration within web-based Automotive Dealer Portal and dealer’s dashboard of Daily Workload Monitor
    • Lead status control with default follow-up types and obligatory actions
    • E-mail and SMS reminders for Salesmen
    • Test drive management incl. legal forms
    • Personalization (dealer, region, country and product specific)
    • Document management
    • Close integration between Leads, quotations and sales contracts
  • Contracting and feedback loop

    • Full integration with vehicle reservations, trade-ins and contract generation
    • Support for vehicle delivery process, vehicle registration and maintenance contracts
    • Plan ’Happy call’ actions and collect information on why was the customer initially hesitant to purchase and which of your product attributes were a deal breaker
    • Clear outline on number of interactions with end-customer on each lifecycle step
    • Analysis of dealer’s and salesman performance with pre-defined KPI’s