ProFinance is a package of solutions and services implemented in the area of ​​finance, dedicated to companies with the SAP system. Their important feature is the speed of implementation, a relatively low start-up cost, as well as a quick return on investment in the form of measurable values: cost reduction, automation of activities, acceleration of the implementation of financial-accounting and controlling processes.


Here are the proposed solutions and services that facilitate and improve the work of companies:

1. Automatic booking – VAT relief for bad debts

A solution that automates the process of posting bad debt relief. As part of the tool, it is possible to support both the liabilities and receivables page (i.e. it will work when the company has liabilities to its suppliers, as well as when customers have liabilities to this company). Full process automation from analyzing overdue items to posting VAT adjustments and reversing adjustments after payment will allow:

  • automation of manual operations,
  • improvement of cash flow (possibility to recover VAT paid),
  • elimination of errors,
  • maintaining order, transparency of documentation and accounting.

2. Report automation

Automation of the process of generating a large number of reports in the SAP system. The implementation allows you to generate a report automatically, convert it into a document and send by e-mail to the address of the person concerned and set the calendar and frequency of preparing reports. Automation brings a huge saving of time needed to prepare reports and eliminate potential delays.

3. Monitoring of emails sent from the SAP system

Control option thanks to which we can check to whom and when emails and notifications were sent directly from the SAP system. The solution is particularly important especially for the finance and controlling department, for processes e.g. related to monitoring reminders of late payments, as well as for other business areas including sales and distribution, sending e.g. certificates and attestations for products sent to customers with the order.

4. Optimization of the chart of accounts – automation of postings

A service consisting of updating the configuration, introducing validation, substitution, and automation, the purpose of which is to “clean up” difficult/unsettled documents accumulated over the years. Automation of postings allows:

  • maintaining the transparency of data and information in the FI system,
  • elimination of potential errors during subsequent operations,
  • saving time,
  • validations, substitutions, and settlements of open positions.

5. Closing cockpit – a solution to support closing the month

A dedicated tool that organizes work regularly performed at the closing of the month, covering all financial and accounting processes. The solution will work for companies that have a dispersed team of employees, a multi-stage process of closing the month and short corporate deadlines during its implementation. The closing cockpit is:

  • organization of the monthly closing process as a repetitive project with available work history,
  • transparency of stages and tasks to be carried out,
  • speeding up the process,
  • elimination of errors.

6. Budgeting and cost validation

Dynamic budget control in the SAP system in the purchasing process is a functionality that allows you to react faster and more efficiently to changes in budgets, refer to currently planned budget amounts.


Do you want to know more? Contact us and find out solutions tailored to your company that will meet the needs of business not only in the financial area.
Our experts will tell you about business cases justifying the implementation of the solution, and after familiarizing yourself with the business’s processes will present the individual benefits that the company can achieve thanks to it. The valuation and duration of the project are set individually, depending on the complexity of the client’s processes and system.