SAP PaPM description

Shorten the closing of the billing period to a minimum. Collect data from a variety of sources, then let PaPM perform all required calculations and simulations – quickly and without  the risk of mistakes.

The tool performs calculations based on quantitative or valuable data obtained from any source. PaPM will allow you to shorten the month-end close process, but also increase profitability and create better plans the future of your company.


What PaPM can do?

The PaPM tool is used to perform calculations and simulations on the collected numerical data.

We can integrate it with many data sources: SAP, data warehousing, xls files or other external systems. The tool works in real time. Based on the key parameters or selection criteria specified by the user, it performs calculations according to the adopted assumptions. At each stage of the process, it allows you to verify the calculations in the form of a report or graph.


One of the possibilities of using the tool is to support the closing of the reporting period. Based on the collected financial and quantitative data from the agreed period of time and data sources, the system performs calculations, the final step of which is the posting of financial documents.

  • However, the possibilities do not end there.PaPM allows you to manage costs, increase profitability or carry out multi-level allocations.It is also possible to perform non-quota calculations.For example, with PaPM, a car manufacturer can check the CO2 emissions of a single car from a specific production line from a specific factory.


PaPM was introduced into the SAP products family as a remedy to some of the shortcomings of the financial systems in S/4 HANA. In combination with standard SAP applications, the tool covers 100% of the company’s needs in the areas of e.g. IT cost management, business modeling or corporate tax settlements.

  • Best practice is to install PaPM on the S/4 HANA system and connect it to the HANA database.


In what areas will PaPM support your company?

PaPM consists of three components: a business data aggregator, a computing engine, and a simulation application. What can you achieve with them?


Closing billing periods

  • collect all the necessary data on one platform,
  • your calculations are performed almost in real time, and instead of indicating errors at the end of the process, the tool indicates them immediately,
  • the program will remember the next steps of your process, which will speed up each subsequent settlement.


Multi-level allocations

Until now, many companies using SAP solutions used also external programs to perform the allocations. One of the most important functionalities of PaPM is the ability to perform even very complex allocations within the tool coupled with S/4HANA and other SAP systems.


With PaPM you can perform, among others:

  • allocation of costs and revenues to resources, activities, products, projects and customers (ABC),
  • allocations for vehicles, routes and sections in the tool will show you profitability at the lowest level of detail with current and forecast data and specific factors affecting the business.


The company’s profitability in various industries

  • profitability study of production processes
  • project-based planning and controlling for a variety of building types, including project management and supervision of residential, commercial, industrial or civil (heavy) construction
  • streamlining the production process of heavy industrial machinery



  • what-if analysis
  • planning and creating forecasts
  • discounting future expected cash flows
  • simulations for business decisions regarding technologically advanced services and production.


Dlaczego Hicron?

What makes us the best partner?


Flexible contracts

We know how different clients’ requirements are. That is why we offer three variants of contracts.


Extensive experience

Hicron has been operating on the Polish and international market since 2006. Our consultants will support you in your work with all SAP products, with their integration and adaptation to the needs of your company.


Trusted Partner / Close business relations

Our goal is to thoroughly understand the specific needs of your company and propose solutions that fully meet them. We strive to become your Trusted Advisor on issues related to the digital transformation of the enterprise.


Knowledge of the specifics of many industries

We have carried out projects with companies from sectors such as automotive, cosmetic, medical, digital telephony, financial, transport and logistics. We know the specifics of your business, the legal requirements that apply to you, and the non-standard processes you face on a daily basis.


Do you want to speed up the billing processes in your company? Do you have questions related to PaPM? Contact Hicron – our experts will explain all your doubts.


Hicron carried out

the first successful implementation in Eastern Europe, and at the same time

the second successful implementation in Europe.