More SAP FI capabilities thanks to Hicron's products

One of the major roles of IT companies engaged in the implementation and integration of enterprise management systems (e.g. ERP systems) is to ensure the best possible coverage of the customer's business processes. In order to cope with this task, companies work on in-house solutions improving the functionalities of individual modules.

And original solutions for finance and banking

Handled by the SAP FI module, the implementation of financial accountancy processes supports and simplifies the management of fixed assets, accountancy, cash settlements, etc. In order to increase the potential of the system delivered by SAP, Hicron systematically elaborates in-house solutions that expand the system with new functionalities.

Web Bank Services (WBS)

The primary function of Web Bank Services is the automation of business processes connected with e-banking for the purpose of eliminating the need to switch between SAP and the transaction system of the bank.

‘This tool has its own cockpit that allows the user to standardise and monitor the bank transfer processing, bank statement import and balance inquiry process. It ensures direct encrypted communication with the transaction system of the bank by using the WebService technology offered by the majority of Polish banks,’ says Marcin Przybyło, Solution Architect at Hicron.

Thanks to integration, daily operations (bank statement import, balance control, transfer processing) are performed automatically. In version 1.0, Hicron offers integration with the ING Business Online system and optional extension with other banks.


The standard workflow of paper documents is a complex process that engages several employees in successive stages of acceptance. On the basis of SAP ERP, the Workflow tool makes it possible to shorten the workflow of documents (e.g., financial documents) significantly through full computerisation of their flow. Key functionalities include, e.g., e-mail message and notification systems (also at the end of the month), or current control of invoice status and manual corrections and reclassifications.

‘The efficient use of the tool is enabled by SAP Fiori – the modern and intuitive interface of the well-known SAP ERP system. Its implementation ensures primarily the reduction of time needed for complete invoice workflow, a faster acceptance process and the minimisation of errors and delays,’ says Paweł Polański, Solution Architect at Hicron.

Hicron SMS Reminder and Hicron Currency

In order to support apparently small, but regularly repeated operations, Hicron has prepared small, easy-to-configure overlays for the SAP FI module: HICRON SMS Reminder and Hicron Currency.

Hicron SMS Reminder improves the process of collecting amounts due from customers by automatically sending a text message with a reminder of the approaching or exceeded deadline for payment at a specified time. The text of the message is predefined, personalised and adapted to the company’s business processes, particularly those generating large quantities of invoices and wishing to manage dues pro-actively.

Hicron Currency is another application for the financial department that automatically downloads the latest foreign currency rates from designated sources, such as the National Bank of Poland, for the SAP system. For enterprises whose activity is based on foreign currency operations, the optimisation of the updating of foreign currency rates on which cash settlements are based is an important process. Here the application ensures real support.

Financial Department 2.0

The aforementioned multichannel system and international conditions of contemporary business require each department to optimise its processes on an increasing scale: to simplify and shorten them and to reduce errors. Thus, the shift towards IT tools seems to be a natural consequence of these challenges. Working in one sensibly calibrated management system allows its components to be used, e.g., for gathering and analysing the data generated, but also restricts the need to go beyond this system, e.g., thanks to relevant extensions.

These small improvements are usually cheap and easy to configure, and they improve the functionality of the system and the end user’s comfort. Hicron continues to work on further projects dedicated to the financial sector and other key industries.


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