Commerce 3.0. – digital revolution example of “Amazon Go”

We present the capabilities offered by the new technologies using the example of “Amazon Go”. How seemingly simple concepts revolutionise the world of commerce and how to catch the train to commerce 3.0.

The eyes of the entire retail world have turned to the electronic transformation and creation of scenarios enabling the migration of some of the operations into the Internet to enable customers to shop without leaving their homes. The largest e-store on the planet, specialising in just such solutions, has made a step in a completely different direction by presenting the “Amazon Go” format.


The concept is beautiful in its simplicity. Customers enter the store, scan their unique IS using a smartphone, approach the counter and pick the desired product. When the product is lifted, the sensor technology combined with RFID tags send information indicating that the customer has picked up the given product, which is automatically added to the customer’s virtual basket. If the consumers change their mind and place the product back on the shelf, the same technology will inform the system that the product should be removed from the virtual basket. After collecting all of the products into the basket, the customer leaves the store, again scanning the ID on the smartphone. During the same step, the total cost of the product basket will be automatically charged to the customer’s account.

Amazon has already patented the new technology and created the pilot store for its own, internal needs. These measures are aimed at creating a finished, technological product that can be sold like a webService, which is a major part of Amazon’s revenue.

Catch the train to 3.0

After the potential errors are eliminated, the innovative idea of Amazon will become an extremely desirable vision of the store of the future. The entire retail sector will simply have to face the facts – the demand will be created and all that will be left to do will be to implement the vision. The money stream will flow to Seattle from all over the globe, but this is exactly what Jeff Bezos wanted from the very beginning.

Where, in this futuristic vision, is the place for our own national retailers? The Polish companies are catching up with the leaders, but the vast majority of the entities operating on the Polish market would not be prepared if the “Amazon Go” concept were to become feasible.

The 3.0 revolution in commerce is approaching in giant strides. Therefore, efforts should be made to catch up with the leaders and, when the revolution breaks out, go hand-in-hand with the best.

This is where reliable business partners come in to design the form of an IT environment that will respond to the existing and future needs of the customer – working on the basis of proven solutions to create unique configurations and provide advice and support at every project stage.

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