International team in SAP Fiori and ABAP academy

With a new office in Malaga, the SAP Fiori and ABAP academy created by our specialists is expanding its reach. Participants will gain not only theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Now they will also learn how to work together as an international team. By opening up to Spain, we are removing the language barrier and thus – opening to candidates from all over the world, working closely with career offices at different universities.

Who is the ABAP internship for?

The summer internship at Hicron, even though available in Poland or Spain, will be conducted in English, so it is addressed to all interested persons, regardless of nationality. Studying computer science is not required.

However, it is worth remembering that we will not be starting from scratch. Those wishing to participate in the training should already know the basics of object-oriented programming languages, SQL, and have a flair for math and algorithmics. Since the internship is heavily geared towards expanding and focusing previously acquired skills, candidates with a technical background or with academic or minimal programming experience are preferred.

Candidates are selected on the basis of the submitted resume and the results of a preliminary recruitment test. At a later stage, they are also invited to individual interviews with future mentors. Having the required competencies makes you eligible for the internship.

Theory in practice

The entire course is divided into two parts and delivered in a hybrid learning model. It is intended as a signpost for those planning a career in SAP. In the first part, the participants focus on the basics of ABAP and the SAP environment, learning the characteristics of the system and getting used to new tools.

The second part involves the implementation of simulated individual and group project tasks. Every few days, depending on the progress, the groups meet with mentors for brainstorming sessions to share experiences, address any concerns, and discuss further steps. We try to make the conditions as close as possible to actual project work. This stage ends with the preparation of a fully functional ABAP-based application in teams and conducting functional tests.

Hicron mentors are available to the trainees at all times, both on-site and remotely. For this role, we invited the graduates of last year’s courses. This helps us remove barriers, while the mentors have firsthand knowledge of the challenges the internship participants may be facing.

We think of every international project as a single team, regardless of where the work is done. This means that the academy has the added value of strong emphasis on building relationships and working in a group. It also prepares the participants to function directly in the business environment through elements of the presentation. The trainees also have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences between countries or universities.

The final result

We want the graduates of the summer internship to have a strong foundation to start working in independent positions and further develop their careers in the area of SAP. The entire course is based on the highest quality standards. From the very beginning, we make sure the participants get used to the Clean Code SOLID principles and unit testing.

After the training each graduate of the internship has a summary interview with their mentor, during which progress is individually discussed. This allows the trainees to choose the direction that corresponds to their strengths and put more energy into the areas that require further work. We appreciate commitment and provide opportunities for outstanding individuals to join the Hicron team.

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