New version of Hicron System Monitoring Tool

Hicron has implemented the new version of Hicron System Monitoring Tool to monitor the SAP systems of its customers.
New version of Hicron System Monitoring Tool<br />
Hicron has implemented the new version of Hicron System Monitoring Tool to monitor the SAP systems of its customers. Version 1.5 introduces a number of functions conducive to the proactive control of systems and the automation of processes.

Hicron System Monitoring Tool (HSMT) was launched in early 2016 and covered all SAP remote administration customers. This proprietary tool, which is part of proactive monitoring, enables early detection of irregularities in the operation of SAP environments. Hicron has recently released another version (HSMT 1.5) enhanced with some additional functionalities.

Version 1.5 is the next stage in the development of the tool dictated by the expectations of customers. We have included, among other things: the classification of the types and number of short dumps, a large number (of a given type) of which may indicate problems in the system; improvements also include automation in finding helpful information regarding errors in knowledge databases. We have expanded the configuration of event prioritisation, that helps us and our customers categorise incidents on the basis of importance; so that the customer does not receive an excessive number of notifications. The novelties also include extensive configuration for background task monitoring or extending its functionalities with further databases – says Daniel Nowak, Solution Architect HSMT.

Integration with the Hicron Service Portal reporting system enables customers to monitor the operation of their systems in an ongoing manner, creating a consistent and complete solution that delivers high levels of security and performance. The tools are configured in such a way that customers receive only those pieces of system availability information which are relevant to them.

An important function of HSMT is the automation of reporting processes so that potential problems are resolved as quickly as possible and go to a relevant BASIS specialist. The tool classifies the reported errors and when certain thresholds are exceeded, it automatically establishes a relevant notification.

Administering the many systems of our customers requires tools that make it as easy as possible for us to work and enable us to respond to system incidents proactively. Going by the prevention-is-better-than-cure principle, we are able to anticipate the symptoms of availability problems and react to them before they arise – says Michał Sarna, BASIS manager.

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