Worldwide AMS support

Worldwide AMS support

As a supplier unknown in the region, we faced many challenges when entering the Pacific market almost 10 years ago. The main concern was our availability in countries where the time difference is more than 8 hours. Today we work with Clients all over the world, both in Australia and the United States, and Hicron consultants are available to partners in different time zones. 

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Thanks to our professionalism, openness, responsibility, and, above all, experience and extensive knowledge in automotive, we were trusted by one of the largest players on the automotive market in Australia, despite initial doubts. In 2019 we went through a long and demanding process testing our skills and worked through dozens of business scenarios. The successful outcome resulted in cooperation in the area of AMS support and supervision over SAP system operation, which continues to this day.

The beginning of fruitful cooperation and successful business transformation

We quickly proved that Teams operating in different parts of the world can be an advantage, not a cause for concern. Shortly after starting the cooperation, which was initially supposed to include AMS support, after only a few months we were invited to take part in a very important project for the Client, which was based on changing the business model towards online sales and moving away from brick-and-mortar stores. Through digitization, we aimed to standardize the system in all facilities and orient it toward the end user. For this purpose, we focused our activities on Customer Experience and integration of the e-commerce platform with the SAP environment. We were responsible for more than just the technical aspect of the project. Knowledge of the processes taking place in the automotive industry opened the door to cooperation at the strategic stage, focused on designing business flows between the end user, the e-commerce platform, and the SAP system.

AMS support – we’re in touch!

The core of the project, i.e. the Account Manager and key consultants, cooperate with our Client on site, from the office in Sydney. If the situation requires it, they exchange with friends from Poland. A special role is also played by the Client Supervisor, who stays in touch with the ordering party. The team is the first line of support that receives requests and prioritizes them. If they require an immediate response, they can address them right away. For lower priorities – the requests are sent to the Polish Hicron units, which can work on the system at the least noticeable moment for the partner – when it is already night-time on the other side of the globe.

Thanks to the consultants presents on site, we can organize meetings with our business partner at the most convenient time. If they also require the presence of the Polish Team – together we set the time that is optimal for everyone. This applies not only to Australia, but to the entire Asian market.

For Clients from all over the world, we provided the option of sending requests to consultants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on the type of contract and the request priority assigned by the partner, the activities are carried out during the duty hours of our consultants or in the next service window. We are successfully using this model for Clients in Poland as well. As a result – we remain in constant contact.

AMS support is more than just responding to requests – it is about constant cooperation involving active system development and adapting it to the Client’s needs. That is why, for regions like the United States, we introduced a shift work system that allows us to find time to meet, discuss progress, and follow up plans. At the same time, as in the case of Australia, some changes can be implemented at the optimum time for the Client.

Hicron – partner operating at any latitude

Since the beginning we have been constantly expanding the portfolio of foreign and international Clients. Years of experience on other continents allowed us to develop an effective model of cooperation and remaining ready regardless of the time of day in Poland. We are constantly increasing the reach and availability for our Clients on site. As a solid expert, we strive for perfection in every area, and our experience and competences are a pillar in building fruitful cooperation.

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