Hicron Transport Request Maintenance

Hicron Transport Request Maintenance is Hicron's own solution that solves the problems of disorderly transport queues that hinder the functioning of enterprise systems.
Hicron Transport Request Maintenance

About the solution

Hicron’s proprietary tool, Transport Request Maintenance, was developed in response to the needs of not only our teams, but also our clients. It helps clean up transport queues in a way that helps the organization maintain high quality active processes.

In addition, this technology helps improve communication between teams involved in processes affected by transport queues, saving resources and time previously spent on maintenance.

How it works

The main task of Transport Request Maintenance is to organize transport requests. This includes both queued requests and requests that have not been released for more than 30 days. All this is done using queue reports generated by the solution. They are specific to each system and appear in the form of a table divided into the following columns:

  • DEV – system ID,
  • Transport – transport number,
  • Owner – transport owner,
  • Date – transport creation date,
  • Time – transport creation time,
  • Description – transport description,
  • Status – transport status.

Who is it for?

Although our proprietary solution was initially used primarily by programmers and developers, it has been designed and is evolving to support other departments and positions, such as:

  • MANAGEMENT STAFF/PMO – ability to track the progress of projects and system changes,
  • CLIENT CONSULTANTS – facilitating, streamlining, and/or ensuring higher quality of work performed,
  • END USERS – their actions result in reliable tests,
  • SYSTEM SUPERVISORS/TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS – facilitating system monitoring.

Main functions

The primary applications of Transport Request Maintenance are:

  • organizing transport-related processes,
  • easy tracking of work progress through reports generated by the system,
  • supporting users with work related to the verification of transport processes,
  • ongoing monitoring of system maintenance statuses from the transport side,
  • ability to easily track the progress of incidents, change requests, and projects.

Implementation benefits

The benefits of using the solution include:

  • scalability – the ability to track system maintenance statuses from the transport side allows you to verify the progress of incidents and change requests in projects, which directly impacts the business of the enterprise,
  • control – transport queue reports allow you to monitor progress in a simple and measurable way,
  • security – the system reports any complications caused by inconsistencies between systems and complications related to transport queues (this feature is particularly effective when using a common ABAP dictionary for each system),
  • risk reduction – through its functionalities, Transport Request Maintenance minimizes and often eliminates problems such as: inconsistent versions of system changes or entire functionalities, differences in components, patch/upgrade inconsistencies between systems, and maintenance of unresolved system changes.

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

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Time & Material

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

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