Adding an entry to SAP Logon

Adding an entry to SAP Logon
Adding entries to SAP Logon allows you to configure logon credentials, server addresses, and other relevant information. SAP Logon is a tool that provides quick and convenient access to the system. How to enter a new entry? If you don’t already know the answer to this question, read our step-by-step guide. You will find clear tips that will help you achieve your goal.


How can I add an entry to SAP Logon?

Step-by-step guide

1. Open SAP Logon and click the white card icon (New)  .

2. Choose Next:

3. Enter the system data:

4. Enter the network settings (usually the basic settings are not changed):

5. Enter the language and encoding type and confirm your choice by pressing Finish.

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Do you know how to add new entries to SAP Logon? As you can see, it is not difficult. Now you can make the necessary changes and configure the data. However, you may still need assistance in this area. You can get it from a Hicron consultant who will share with you their knowledge and experience in implementing and operating SAP solutions. Contact them now!

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