Checking the job log in SM37

Checking the job log in SM37
Transaction SM37 allows you to manage and monitor scheduled jobs in the SAP system. By reviewing the log, you can access information about the status of the job, its start and end times, possible errors, and more. How to do this? Just read our instructions, which will help you solve the problem and guide you through the process of checking a job log in a few simple steps.


How can I check the job log in SM37 transaction?

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the SM37 transaction and fill in the field Job name. You can also fill in User Name and Job Status depending on your needs:

2. Select the job (for example with Cancelled status) and then click on the Job log:

3. The job log will then be displayed:

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As you can see, you can quickly check the job log in transaction SM37. It only takes a few clicks. View log details, analyze statuses and information. Any questions or concerns? Contact our consultant who will provide you with the necessary support to operate the system. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience and improve the quality of your work in SAP.

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