How do you select and copy data in SAP?

How do you select and copy data in SAP?
When generating reports, creating documentation, or sharing data with other team members, you may need to copy a fragment of text from SAP. How to do that? Read our guide for clear instructions in a few simple steps. Knowing how to select and then copy text in SAP will certainly prove useful in your daily work, streamlining it and increasing your productivity.


How can I copy data from SAP?

Step-by-step guide

1. Press CTRL+Y on the keyboard. As a result, a cursor turns into a black cross .

2. Then, while holding down the left mouse button, select the text you want to copy by dragging over the text.

3. When the selected text highlights in black, press CTRL+C.

4. Paste the text anywhere by pressing CTRL+V.

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