How to change the language in SAP?

How to change the language in SAP?
Customizing your work environment to your preferences is crucial for enhancing efficiency and ensuring comfort during daily tasks. This customization also extends to language selection. Read the instructions below to learn how to make changes in this area. Switching to your native language is simple and will significantly improve your experience with the system.


How to change the language in the SAP system?

Step-by-step SAP instructions

You can change the default language displayed on the SAP logon screen by choosing Preferences.

If you choose a different language when you log on, it only applies to the current session, and you must choose it again the next time you log on.

1. To change the default language, go to Options in the SAP logon window.

2. Then, in the General settings, select the language you want to be the default system language.

3. Remember to select the default system language option and save your changes.

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Now you know how to change the login language in SAP, and you can view data according to your preferences. We are glad that our tips have proved helpful and that they’ve made your work with the system even more comfortable. If you need further assistance in other areas related to SAP operation, please feel free to contact us. Our consultants will be happy to provide the support you need and address any doubts you may have.

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