IDOC processing in error on unprocessed status

IDOC processing in error on unprocessed status
The smooth operation of the company’s business processes and the effectiveness of data integration between SAP modules rely on the quality of IDOC processing within the system. That’s why it’s crucial to eliminate any errors, as they can cause delays in the flow of information and problems with data accuracy. How to reprocess IDOCs with errors? Follow the tips provided below.


How can I reprocess an erroneous IDOC?

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the BD87 transaction.

2. Enter the IDoc number and date range:

3. On the next screen select the relevant message and press the Process button: 

4. The result of the reprocessing will be displayed on the screen:

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We trust that our instructions have assisted you in successfully processing IDOCs with errors. As you have seen, accomplishing this task takes only a few simple steps. Perhaps you require assistance in other SAP-related areas as well? Contact us to receive support from an experienced Hicron consultant. With their guidance, using the system will become easier than ever!

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