Atlassian – hosting types. Which one to choose?

Choosing the right server infrastructure is an important step in designing a hosting environment, as it later translates into system operation and performance.

Choosing hosting for Atlassian products can be a challenge for entrepreneurs, so it is worthwhile to thoroughly analyze the available options before making the optimal choice.

Our specialists prepared a comparison that will ensure a quick and easy decision.

What are the hosting options for Atlassian?

Atlassian offers two types of hosting – Atlassian Cloud and Atlassian Data Center versions

What are the characteristics of Atlassian Cloud hosting and why is it so popular?

If the Atlassian Cloud version is selected, the Client receives a ready-made application, and all the back-end maintenance is done on the producer’s side. Choosing the Atlassian Cloud version relieves the Client of the need to invest in servers, memory storage, and application maintenance. With automatic updates, the Client gains instant access to the latest features, optimal application performance, and the ability to scale flexibly using the AWS Cloud hosting service.

Here are just a few advantages of Atlassian Cloud hosting:

  • built-in security, privacy, compliance, and reliability,
  • smooth version upgrades performed by the producer,
  • no costs related to system infrastructure and maintenance,
  • better quality of cooperation and easier implementation of innovations thanks to the latest functions,
  • much broader list of Jira functionalities compared to other versions,
  • flexible pricing plans tailored to team size and budget cycles, from Free to Enterprise,
  • secure application use with any browser and mobile devices,
  • eliminating the need to use a VPN.

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What is Data Center hosting

It is a standalone system management solution that provides organizations with configuration options to meet the needs of team collaboration. The read-only mode and deployment flexibility with IaaS providers such as AWS and Azure allow for uninterrupted access and scaling to meet user needs.

What are the characteristics of Data Center hosting?

In this case, the hosting of your Atlassian products is maintained independently using infrastructure or cloud solutions already existing in a company. These include, for example, AWS or Azure. As a result, the data is stored in your own network. Hosting with your own infrastructure requires the necessary internal resources and technical knowledge to successfully deploy, operate, and maintain your Atlassian software on your own.

Here are just a few advantages of Data Center hosting:

  • advanced control functions available to the administrator to help maintain high performance, security, and compliance with regulations in a self-managed environment,
  • possible implementation in the form of a single node or cluster on own equipment or using IaaS,
  • cleanup functions to help optimize data for future cloud migration.

When is it worth considering the Data Center version?

The Data Center version is recommended in the case of certain legal requirements or other regulations related to running a business. For companies that have their own hosting facilities and do not need to use the system maintenance services offered by the producer, the Data Center option is the right choice.

How can Hicron help your company transfer Atlassian hosting?

Choosing the hosting option for your Atlassian products solutions can be a challenge. Sometimes, due to the specific nature of an organization, the decision is difficult. Therefore, it is best to trust experienced advisors. At Hicron, we have performed dozens of implementations of various systems for our Clients. We guarantee professional support and care over the procedures involved in selecting the right hosting option. You have questions? You need advice? Get in touch with our experts from the Atlassian team!

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