Hi5 Values: Kinga - a true Lion

How to recognize a Hicron person? They are customer-oriented, committed, responsible, trustworthy and attach great importance to quality in their work. These features are not only valued by customers, but also promoted by the Management. On the last Office Day, the title of Lion - the Animal of Power, embodying customer orientation, was awarded to Kinga Moska, Service Delivery Executive & Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Hicron.

How do you feel as a Hicron Lion?

I am glad that my actions have a positive impact on the company. However, I’m aware that I would not be able to succeed on my own – there is always an entire team of people who make things possible. That’s why the award is theirs as well: we are all lions!

Lions are courageous leaders. What leadership practices do you rely on to be identified as an Animal of Power?

Being a boss and a leader are two different things. Management can be learned – while you simply are a leader or you’re not. Holding a managerial position does not make you a leader, and to be one is what is most important to me.

As far as everyday practices are concerned, I try to formulate objectives clearly, to motivate the team, to make sure that we all adopt the goals as our own, and then commit ourselves to achieving them. I was a consultant once too – this has taught me to listen proactively and to understand. I also strive to adapt my way of thinking to my activities: I am responsible for facing everyday challenges, but also for long-term vision concerning the team and our approach to customers.

Which of your Hicron achievements is of greatest value for you?

I feel comfortable in service transitions, in Change Management, as well as in team building, establishing customer relations and processes on both sides. All these elements comprise a coherent whole. In terms of greatest achievements – right now I think that is our approach to taking over Bulgaria and Romania. We learned a lot from the hand-over of Greece in 2018; we’ve drawn conclusions and are now much better prepared for subsequent transitions.

What are your strong points?

Definitely my interpersonal skills, as they allow me to communicate well with employees and customers. They also allow me to identify new talent which can be fostered and developed. I also feel strongly responsible for my team, for our results and for the decisions we take. Neither do I lack determination to take on new challenges.

Does the Queen of the Jungle have any weaknesses? What traits of your personality do you need to be aware of?

Of course I have my weaknesses – just as all of us do. Some of my character features, such as dynamism, charisma and my enthusiastic approach to new challenges, mean that I fail to take note of the price that I pay in terms of health. They also make me expect a similar level of commitment from others, meaning that my expectations may be too high.

If you were to identify other Lions in our pride at Hicron – who would they be?

As I mentioned before: I think that my entire team is a pride of lions. They believe in success and work hard, and that brings ever improving results.

Leaders like you allow Hicron to thrive and be proud of its achievements. Your professional attitude is the very quintessence of the values typical of a Lion.
Szymon Włochowicz
Szymon Włochowicz
Hicron COO

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