Is it the time for changes in Finances? HicrON-Time Webinars #5

Finance is an important element of any strategy. But is there time and place for changes in FI during a pandemic?

In these difficult times, companies are looking for solutions that will ensure a secure future. With them in mind, we created a dedicated PRO-FINANCE solution, which focuses on critical areas that need support in automation and optimization – in order to accelerate the effects of operations.

What actually is PRO-FINANCE? First of all, it is based on a flexible approach, as well as on the possibility of remote work, which is so valuable especially now. However, the most important elements that distinguish this solution are the low entry threshold and short implementation time.

So what solutions are best to implement in today’s difficult times and in a new, unknown future? Based on the above assumptions, an expert team within the financial area selected such solutions as VAT relief for bad debts, report automation, e-mail monitoring, accounting automation, budget and cost validation, or closing cockpit.

Karolina Berks (SAP Finance Consultant) and Paweł Polański (Solution Architect) told us about all of them during Hicron-Time Webinars:


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