Do you use the potential of your SAP Solutions to the maximum? HicrON-Time Webinars #2

When you cannot implement new solutions, does that mean you are standing still? Can your company develop with the resources it already has?

Business owners try to control their companies’ situation: what to focus on, what (quick and flexible) chances they can introduce now. To what should you pay your attention to, and what do you often forget? The answer is the tools and systems you already own. It is the right time now to consider, whether you use their capabilities to the maximum.

Data analysis systems are extremely helpful nowadays. Because of them, the decision-making processes are easier and more accurate. But do you even realize the potential of systems running in your company? Are your employees familiar with them, did they have enough time for user training? Very often time for learning is cut short. Sometimes this is due to the need to act quickly, sometimes – to reduce costs. But – won’t saving money on learning bring you only greater losses in the future?

So what does the perfect training look like? On what matters should it be focused, and what conclusions should you draw from it? What are those “only smalls” mistakes made when working with the systems in your company?

Another equally important issue is how do you analyze the data collected in the system. Are you interpreting them correctly? Are reports available in your system meeting your needs? And finally: your KPIs. Are you defining them in the right way, basing on the analyzed data (for example, by taking into account the current state of the economy)?

All those questions are answered by Kinga Moska (Service Delivery Executive, Hicron) and Michał Gruszecki (Senior SAP Consultant). See the webinar to know, what they said!



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