Predictive Marketing & DriveApp

Predictive Marketing and Drive App is a set of tool designed by Hicron for Automotive companies to boost sales and improve customer loyalty by collecting and analyzing data of a single driver. Praised for extensive functionalities, it received the jury prize and the audience prize in a competition for the best application at SAP Automotive Forum in Leipzig, 2014.
Predictive Marketing & DriveApp

About the solution

Hicron Predictive Marketing is a prognostic marketing tool for managing after-sales service in the automotive market. The tool helps dealers and importers increase their after-sales revenues by personalizing their offers and direct them straight to thir client.  

The personalized offer is prepared on the basis of information collected with the DriveApp application connected to a vehicle. Its shape is affected by algorithms that analyze both the condition of the vehicle and the habits of the owners. The completed offer, after approval by the dealer/importer, is available to the customer from the application level. 

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Award-winning app

DriveApp and Predictive Marketing solution Hicron’s mobile applications, won two prizes in the “SAP UX Partner Contest”. We were the only company from Central Europe which made it to the final of this prestigious competition organized during the 14th edition of the international SAP Automotive Forum in Leipzig in 2014. At that time, when Predictive Analytics was regarded as one of the highest trends and innnovations, and our application was raising interest among very many automotive companies.

The winning application was designed and developed Hicron’s Enterprise Mobility department. DriveApp and Predictive Marketing for Aftersales solution is a prognostic tool for after-sales service management marketing on the automotive market. It helps dealers and importers increase revenue from after-sales service thanks to the personalization of offers for each customer. For drivers, however, t is a source of additional knowledge about the car and direct contact with the dealer.

Solution features

  • Both the Hicron Predictive Analytics tool and the DriveApp application offer numerous amenities for both the dealer and car users.  
  • DriveApp is an application that presents the user with basic diagnostic information about their car. It allows them to track various parameters of the car – including those that are not available on the dashboard. It also offers tips on fuel-efficient driving that help reduce fuel consumption.  
  • From the dealer’s point of view, the most important capabilities of DriveApp are immediate information about any problems that arise during the operation of the car. The user can also contact the dealer regarding problems detected by the application’s diagnostic system. 
  • Hicron Predictive Analytics collects and analyzes data from the application. This is how it learns the purchasing habits of a specific user and, more broadly, the users of a given model or brand. This allows for better market segmentation and creation of personalized offers that precisely match the customer’s needs. 
  • Access to diagnostic data helps create more precise marketing campaigns. It also enables the identification of potential recurring problems and implementation of preventive car inspections.  

Implementation benefits

Benefits for Dealers
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  • Revenue increase due to creation of personalised offers for customers
  • Ability to plan and execute directed marketing campaigns, ability to implement preventive MOT certificate tests basing on a large statistical and diagnostic collected dataset
  • Better understanding of customer’s purchase habits
  • Capacity to segment customer market in a more productive way
  • Direct contact with the customer by means of an application.
Benefits for Drivers
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  • Basic vehicle diagnostic information
  • Hints about economical driving and training mode – lower fuel consumption
  • Additional dashboard – ability to add and track car parameters not available on the standard dashboard
  • Direct contact with the dealer/garage – option of direct contact by means of application, e.g. concerning problems detected by the diagnostic system
  • Access to personalised offers.
Increase in upselling revenue
Thanks to the personalized offers designed on the basis of real user data, the chances of successful cross-/upselling are significantly increased.
Precisely targeted marketing
Thanks to Hicron Predictive Analytics all marketing campaigns will have precisely defined recipients and diagnosed problems – which will increase their effectiveness.
Benefits for your customers
The AppDrive application offers a number of additional functionalities and amenities for users. Customers have access to diagnostic data, an instructional mode to help reduce fuel consumption, and an additional dashboard.
Efficient communication
A set of applications and tools allows you to contact the customer much more conveniently and faster. It also simplifies the process of reporting problems or seeking support by the car user.

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

girl in the car

Time & Material

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

Solution demo

Watch our movie about Predictive Analytics & DriveApp:

The dealer’s perspective:

The driver’s perspective:

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