There are many ways to reach a customer. It is important to be able to combine them

Digitization – a trend of 2019
Bold techniques of using digital technologies in marketing, sales, and after-sales service have been discussed for many years. This trend applies not only to technology companies, but also to the more traditional sectors, both in B2B and B2C. The purpose of using digitization solutions is the ability to prepare and send a specific offer to a specific customer, in accordance with their interests and expectations.

For example, looking at the automotive industry and analyzing consumer behavior, it is clear that their goal is not so much to buy a car, but to purchase a mobility service, which can be provided in many different ways: through car-sharing, leasing, or using Uber, which also provides mobility… To sum up, we all have to get used to the fact that all new business models or services desired by customers are based on IT systems.

The omnipresence of modern technologies – how to use them?

When talking to our clients about ways to increase sales, we can point out a new trend related to the digitization of marketing and sales processes. In order to effectively reach the customer with our offer, we need to be present on all channels. Using the example of the automotive industry, the buyer should be able to establish a relationship with the brand via the Internet, telephone, web browser, application, or social media, but not only those directly related to the manufacturer or dealer. The automotive brand (and any other) should be able to name the elements connecting it with the customer’s lifestyle, providing them with expected, valuable content, thus building a relationship leading to sales. For example, a customer who goes on off-road trips in their spare time and prepares for them by browsing dedicated websites, receives ads for off-road vehicles, perhaps also an invitation to rent a 4×4 car, but not to test drive a limousine…

The combination of the virtual and real world is a recipe for success

The challenge, however, is the ability to define the channels to reach customers and provide them with personalized communication. Thanks to appropriate digital solutions, they can be managed individually to provide customers with custom content in terms of psychographic and behavioral observation. It is also important to monitor these channels – the information appearing there can be used for sales purposes. Returning to the example with the customer interested in off-road expeditions – when they use the invitation to test their dream SUV, they have the opportunity to check all its configuration elements and receive a quote for the purchase of an identical vehicle.

Properly designed processes allow us to create a profile of our potential customer and develop their own shopping path based on content personalization. In other words, the combination of the digital world with the real one provides the basis for a good relationship between the brand and the consumer.

It should be remembered that online presence ensures full transparency in terms of prices and quality of services, which has both positive and negative effects for the brand. One example are the websites and applications typical of the HORECA industry, where you can check and give your opinion of any restaurant, hotel, or tourist attraction. Such solution are often copied in other industries.

What is the IT industry suggesting?

As Hicron, we run digital support projects for our clients’ businesses, taking into account their sales goals as well as the role of digitization and traditional activities. Digitization brings companies around the world invaluable benefits and huge savings. However, it is important to skillfully interweave them with traditional activities. When the group of recipients is very large, this cannot be done without systemic solutions and applications.

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